Artist's Way

It begins…

Alright today is the official beginning of my 10th Artist's Way. I already feel great energy surrounding and propeling me forward. I have been hitting the streams with powerful driving music and I find myself dancing through my entire house. I sure I am a sight to see. I am filled with enthusiasm and great… Continue reading It begins…

Artist's Way

The Artist’s Way is a Path to Love.

Why do I walk the Artist's Way? The fundamental and most simplistic answer for me is that it's a path of love. It's the relationship calling upon my Creator the Ultimate Artist to help me create. I found my sanity and self by doing the Artist's Way. I tapped into my creative dreams and hopes.… Continue reading The Artist’s Way is a Path to Love.

Artist's Way

Rejuvenation and NEW Artist’s Way journey

Greetings Fellow Travelers, It never ceases to amaze me, but whenever I finish a very transformative and intense Artist's Way journey I get exhausted when I complete the journey. I just completed my 9th 12 week Artist's Way journey and folks I am tired. But you know I am already dreaming of the new and… Continue reading Rejuvenation and NEW Artist’s Way journey