Artist's Way

Rejuvenation and NEW Artist’s Way journey


Greetings Fellow Travelers,

It never ceases to amaze me, but whenever I finish a very transformative and intense Artist’s Way journey I get exhausted when I complete the journey. I just completed my 9th 12 week Artist’s Way journey and folks I am tired. But you know I am already dreaming of the new and 10th journey on Artist’s Way circle that I am starting for myself on Wed. Oct 28. I am interested in getting reacquainted with old Artist’s Way friends and of course meet new Artist’s Way friends. Feel free to start now if you so feel inclined. So I invite you to join me on a new Artist’s Way journey with me. I encourage you to ask your friends to join you and the rest of us as we begin. I am sure it will be quite a ride.

Right now I could use some support on recovering from an intense Artist’s Way journey. Any words of wisdom or articles would be much appreciated as well.


The Artist’s Way Circle on Yahoo!

The Artist’s Way Circle on Wurlwind

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