Artist's Way

The Artist’s Way is a Path to Love.

Why do I walk the Artist’s Way? The fundamental and most simplistic answer for me is that it’s a path of love. It’s the relationship calling upon my Creator the Ultimate Artist to help me create. I found my sanity and self by doing the Artist’s Way. I tapped into my creative dreams and hopes. I begun to branch out and connect with others traveling the Artist’s Way. Along this journey I strengthened my relationship with other creative souls and encountered new creators along the way.

It’s the love you find reaching out to the Great Creator who understands and accepts you as the artist that you are. You know those synchronicities? That’s Creator’s love guiding you and loving you some more. That’s the Universe that pays attention and actually listens to you. I strongly believe it was the Creator that lead me to the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron in the first place when I was sitting there sipping herbal tea at the Highwind Books in Milwaukee. That was no ordinary synchronicity seeing the Artist’s Way book sitting next to me. Waiting for me to open up to my destiny.

I started the Artist’s Way journey alone seeking love. I was suffering from mental illness symptoms. I had no one to really talk about my unfolding creative discoveries. I quietly read the chapters and completed my morning pages, artist’s dates, and tasks. To me self love is doing the morning pages and the artist’s dates. It’s the time spent nurturing yourself. I learned to rest on the page and fill the well. I began to do beadwork again. I brought out my heddle loom and began to bead fire colored stars along a blue background. A switch was turned back on in me as I woke up. I need to learn to love myself again as the bodaciously beautiful and creative soul that I truly am.

Once woken up my hopes and dreams began to emerge. Thanks to the Artist’s Way and the confidence that was emerging I unearthed my creative dreams of being artist. I dared to live my dreams feeling I had nothing else to live for once I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I enrolled myself in Drawing 101 at UW-Milwaukee. I hadn’t taken any drawing classes in middle school or high school so I was scared about the idea of pursing art on the college level. Would I be able to cut it artistically at the college level with no real background in drawing and painting? This is what I dared to uncover for myself. So I worked really hard in that drawing class trying to prove myself and take a chance on my artistic dream. I was told that I was drawing to small and to draw bigger. I did an extra credit sketch book which I lovingly selected pictures to draw telling a story of things I valued in my life. I was given an A in the class by the most gentle and supportive instructor I ever had. In honor of the confidence he built up in me that I am an artist I gave him the beaded head band of fire colored stars and blue background I made during my very first Artist’s Way journey. He later turned around and wrote me a glowing reference letter for a Native American art scholarship I applied for and gratefully won. With that scholarship I enrolled fulltime in the fine arts program specializing in drawing and painting. The Artist’s Way unlocked my dormant dream of being an artist and the love of that dream I had carried in my heart since childhood.

The foundation of support being able to get support first through Julia’s words, but also when I began to reach out to others on the Artist’s Way path finding fellow travelers was an ultimate source of love. I reached out to an online Artist’s Way support group to gain support and that encouraged me to create my own online Artist’s Way support group online 9 years ago and still going and growing now. I then connected with other members of the Artist’s Way journey in a Meetup Artist’s Way group in Milwaukee. Then I grew to facilitating 4 Artist’s Way Circles. I will be facilitating a fifth Artist’s Way Circle starting at Oct. 28, 2009. There have been so many times I learned so much about myself from these circles. So many insights. My Artist’s Way Circles led me closer to my artistic sister and my soul sister who are both in my circles. I found a current member of the Artist’s Way Circle because I was searching for Artist’s Way videos and uncovered his Artist’s Way video which led me to my favorite artist. someone who listened to my childhood, my creative creations, read my “Two Step” first draft in all it’s rawness. Meeting him was like soul recognition. Could it be possible for two artists to be the muse for each other? Is it possible that each spurs the creative juices of the other? I think it’s possible. I think in the Artist’s Way Circle we are the artists and muses for each other. That support that each creative soul yearns for. I have had so many people given me support and love as I shared parts of my creativity with them.

My vision was born from my experience of the Artist’s Way. I am Buffy a lover and a creator. I play with life. I am a child of the Creator. Creator is funny. I practice the healing arts. I am a writer, artist, singer, dancer, and more. I am a creator of true love.

My prayer for The Artist’s Way Circle is that Creator lead those who need to be here the most. That they find the love and support they need from our sacred space. That members are inspired by each other, grow, and prosper. So in time they can inspire others in their life through the act of living a creative life. May your Artist’s Way path be filled with love.

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