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Walking in This World Check in April 23, 2012


Greetings fellow travelers,

Week 5 Walking in This World check In. I wrote 6/7 Morning Pages this week. Busy week with extra trainings that one day slipped past me or I would have had 7/7 this week. So close.

My Artist’s Date was finishing the second book “Compass of the Heart” of the Patricia Cogan triology. It was a love story of a white pyschologist falling in love with a Native American medicine man, two worlds collide. There was a scene in the story that deeply moved me. One of the main characters was singing a Lakota song and the words of the song were written in the book. Ironically, I knew the melody of the song and began to sing the song out loud. This brought back fond memories of my foster mother who was a pipe carrier and who taught me this Lakota song. I felt connected.

I walked at night for twenty minutes in my neighborhood. It was a brisk and peaceful walk.

My issue of recovery is embracing that I am a successful artist. A few friends of mine declared that I was a successful artist and for some reason I bristled at this. I initially said that I don’t see myself as a successful artist yet but that I was on the path to being a successful artist. However my friends would not accept this and lovingly corrected me that indeed I am a successful artist.

I had a playdate with my sister. She brought colorful balloons and a pump for making balloon animals. She also brought the ingredients to make asparagus and strawberry pizza she invented homemade as seen in the picture above. I actually thought it could use more strawberries I enjoyed it so much.

Warm regards,



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