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The Breath of Life Prayer Circle.


The Breath of Life Prayer Circle.

I am coming to you asking for prayer support as I go on my journey to the Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages in Washington DC. I will be searching the archives of the Library of Congress and Smithsonian Institute searching for Mahican and Munsee languages from my tribe. I will be going to Washington DC June 7-June 22, 2013. I am requesting that you regularly provide your prayers both before, during, and after my trip. I need prayers before I go to get ready for my journey. I definitely need prayers as I am actually traveling during June 7- June 22 since I am physically disabled and traveling poses special challenges for me. I will need prayers to help me locate and find hidden knowledge in the archives. I also need prayers to help me retrieve the information and bring it safely back to my tribe the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation and the rest of the Lenape Nations. Most importantly I need prayers so that the information I get can be implemented and properly put into use.

Prayers that can be shared so that I can see them when I am in Washington DC would be much appreciated. I would like to see prayers written, pictures created, video of songs or music playing posted so I can view and hear them while I am on the road. I appreciate if you chose to pray silently and I am grateful for that. However, I am especially asking for prayers that I can see and hear while I am actually in Washington DC. Please post your prayers so I can be inspired and lifted as I take on the challenge of this intense two weeks.

I am grateful for you being part of my Breath of Life Prayer Circle. I am grateful for all and any prayers. I look forward to see what prayers you have to share.

Anushiik Thank you!

Wenona Morning Star Gardner
Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation

2 thoughts on “The Breath of Life Prayer Circle.”

  1. hello, i pray you find your way successfully into your mission and when you arrive that you are successful in finding that which you seek and much more, i pray for your initiative, your health and safety, the love you put into your mission to help all the People with your findings, that you return safely and everything you discover can be utilized to it’s best advantage . please i pray that your journey fills you with pride and is successful in every way and your travels are not a trouble for you return home to those you love and love and appreciate safely and soon. Vaya con Dios, always


  2. Hi Wenona,
    I am sorry that I have just found your request, however, there is a week left. so, I pray for blessings to come to you, for doors to be opened, for your eyes to be opened to see ALL that has been prepared for you. May be blessing of Abraham and his descendants fall on you. Minister Valencia

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