Native American Witch

Storytelling Heals Movement

Native Hope is a nonprofit organization that created a movement among the Native American community promoting the healing process through storytelling hence the formation of Storytelling Heals. The Storytelling Heals movement was first launched during the National Native American Heritage Month. Since then there has been an outpouring of Native American Stories throughout the country of written and oral stories via video. The Storytelling Heals Movement is very important for Native American people whose voices are not heard in mainstream media or there is misinformation perpetuated by negative stereotypes.

In Native American culture Native Americans form a circle to share stories for healing. Stories share trauma through the generations to help other trauma survivors find connection and transform pain into healing. Through stories can also highlight Native American heroes and inspire hope. Each person in a talking circle gets a chance to share their personal story to speak from the heart to form healthy bonds with other Native Americans. Native Hopes’s #StorytellingHeals goal is healing and empowerment. Native Hope wants to generate funds to host Healing Circles for Native People.

Native American Journalist Tailyr Irvine from the Salish and Kootenai Tribal Nations is working hard to overcome harmful Native American stereotypes through her focus on real stories directly from Native American people through stories and visuals. Growing up Tailyr noticed the lack of good representative Native American stories which motivated her to stop complaining about it and moved her to become a Native American Journalist. Tailyr was one of the leading Native American Journalists at Standing Rock and is featured at Native Photograph.

If interested in learning more about Native American stories by Native Americans one can go the website of the Library of Congress and search the catalog at. An example of Native American stories you can find in the Library Congress catalog is from the Mohican Tribe the Mohican Seminar 1 : the continuance, an Algonquian Peoples Seminar including selected research papers, 2000 / edited by Shirley W. Dunn at
Inside you will find โ€œThe ancient Mohicans in time, space, and prehistoryโ€ by Edward V. Curtin. and โ€œ Mohican/Algonquian settlement patternsโ€ by Lucianne Lavin.

You can also get the original Native American stories directly from the Mohican tribe‘s government tribal website at where you can learn directly from the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribe’s origin story. Since Native American Tribes are Sovereign Nations you can go the over 633 Federally recognized and State tribal governments to learn the tribal stories of Native American people. Become part of the Storytelling Heals Movement.

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