Native American Artist’s Way Journey

(Photo:Wenona Gardner)

Boozhoo (Hello in Ojibwe)

Do you love Native American Arts? This Spring March 20, 2019 the Artist’s Way Circle hosted by White Turtle Rainbow (Native American Media Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is kicking off a 3 month journey exploring all sorts of Native American creativity online at: Artist’s Way Circle

Artist’s Way Circle founded May 26, 2000 (Wenona Gardner)

There will be 6 two week cycles starting March 20 through June 14, 2019. We will be using Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron for inspiration. Emphasis on this journey is exploring Native American Art, Music, Writing, Dance, plus so much more each week this Spring 2019!

Artist’s Way Circle by White Turtle Rainbow, a Milwaukee Native American Media Company, was founded in memory from Native American Blackfoot artist Steve Nemacheck who committed suicide. In remembrance of Steve Nemacheck, the Artist’s Way Circle’s mission is to support artists especially Native American Artists. Artist’s Way Circle is both online on Facebook and meets in person at Mitchell Library on 10th and Mitchell St and through local Milwaukee art events throughout the year. One of the leaders of the Artist’s Way Circle is Native American Artist Carlos Ortega. Carlos has years experience with the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Carlos has lead discussions and live broadcasts in the Milwaukee community. Carlos can be reached at

White Turtle Rainbow supports the nonprofit Native Hope which started the #StorytellingHeals movement on Indigenous People’s Day. Native Hope encourages Native Americans finding their indigenous voice through storytelling, creativity, and media.

Everyone is welcome! Share & Invite your friends!

Chi Megwetch (Thank you very much in Ojibwe).

White Turtle Rainbow
White Turtle Rainbow
Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribe
Artist’s Way Facilitator for 23 years.
Member of the Native American Journalist Association

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