The Other Side of The Coin: Ancestry DNA Tests are Good For Tribes to Reconnect with Their Lost Birds the Native American Adopted & Fostered Searching Their Way to Come Back To Tribal Homes

As a Native American Journalist with my White Turtle Rainbow Native American Media and Broadcasting Company and launching a Native Podcast on Native American Music and News I had to write a 17 Page Podcast Business Plan. So in order to complete my Podcast Business Plan I have been researching Native American Podcasts and the Plight of even being heard as a Native American Journalist.

Of all my research this Native American Podcast Article All Nations Podcast episode # 4 on the topic is a real Native American based on DNA? This is trending since Trump calling Presidential 2020 Candidate Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” in a demeaning slur instead of out of respect for the real 10 year old Pocahontas who as a teen was captured and sex trafficked to England dying at only 21 in a foreign land in England. The real Pocahontas not the overly sexualized Disney Fantasy of Pochahontas that makes me furious. On top of being racially slurred by the President, Elizabeth was furthered attacked for using a legitimate DNA test to prove Native American heritage.

As a 32 year expert Native American Genealogist who also uses DNA to actively reunite Native American people including the Lost Birds the Native American Adopted people this issue about DNA and Native American heritage is very relative to me. I respect Dr Kim’s extensive academic background on colonization. However, my work for decades with Lost Birds as Chief Arvol Looking Horse refers to Native American Adopted People during the sacred blessings he bestows with his White Buffalo Pipe during the Wiping Away The Tears Ceremony Indian Summer Festival Sunday Prayer Service in September 2011 run by my Church Congregation of the Great Spirit Church on 10th and Lapham in Milwaukee, WI 53204. Matter of fact the issue of reuniting the Lost Bird Native American Adopted and Fostered Children is so important Indian Country that Indian Summer Festival featured a theme one year on Coming Home including featured booths with genealogists to help bring home Native American People back to their tribes! I was a Lost Bird Native American Foster Child, I know first hand the power of DNA can have affirming and reconnecting Native American culture and Tribes. Ancestry DNA proved I was indeed Mohican and qualify for enrollment after my Mohican Father disowned me for saying I was not his daughter and there was no way he could ever conceived me because he claimed my mother was in Milwaukee while he claimed he was 4 hour drive away on the Mohican Reservation the entire time before and during the entire 9 months test. DNA test proved he is my Mohican Father no matter how much he tried to mess with my head for over decades.My Mohican Sister Sassafras’s bought the DNA test and proved without a doubt he was my Mohican Father after lying to me for 2 decades! I challenge Dr Kim’s negative notions about the Ancestry DNA that actually reconnected me to my Mohican family and Mohican Tribe. After years of wandering around trying to prove who I really it was the DNA test in my case healed that my stolen Native American Identity robbed by an abusive Mohican Father, that DNA test actually strengthened my Mohican ties to Mohican family and Tribe! I will stand up and defend the value of DNA tests to restoring Native American enrollment and it is a very powerful tool to reconnect Lost Bird Native American Tribal Members!

This story needs to show the other side the positive power of DNA tests to strengthen Tribes.

Grand Entry Mohican Women’s Traditional Dancers At Mohican August 2009 Pow Wow (Photo: White Turtle Rainbow/Wenona Gardner)

Wenona Gardner

White Turtle Rainbow

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