Why I Believe Publishing Articles on Indian Summer Festival is Important To Cover for My Journalism Homework

Indian Summer Festival Rainbow 2000 (Photo: White Turtle Rainbow/Wenona Gardner)


I shared your email with my FullSail Graduate Journalism Professors, UWM Professor in Ojibwe Language and Director of Electa Quinney Institute, a Mohican Tribal Government Worker, a representative from Native American Journalist Association which I am a member, and my Native American attorneys. They all said I am legally allowed to publish stories, videos, podcasts, photos, survey, etc for my Graduate School Journalism studies on the Indian Summer Festival. I am not representing you as an organization. I am representing and giving a voice to the native and non native from local, state, tribal, and global participants your stakeholders which you failed to let them know what was going on before March 18. All of them have said I and all of us have a right to be heard and I am giving them both the invitation and platform to get their voices heard! My Graduate Journalism Professor gave me the official academic approval and green lighted me to do a 5 month investigative Graduate Journalism Project on Indian Summer Festival. I am an Honor Roll Student with an A 3.5 GPA. Even after I showed all the ISF emails, messengers,and ISF social media posts I still got an A on my Responses to Indian Summer Festival March 18 Press Release article and video and an A for my Digital News Production Class. I was told by my Professor to get to work!
I invite you and the entire board to do interviews with me because believe it or not I have loved Indian Summer Festival before the board was even created in 1985 with my cultural teacher Charlene Wheelock who helped create that board and where she died at the Indian Summer Festival Pow Wow where my Mom tried to save her life giving her CPR. I am doing this as my homework assignment because I love Indian Summer Festival and Charlene! Charlene told me in 1984 it was her dream for a Pow Wow honoring Native American Culture at the lake BEFORE Indian Summer even existed in 1985! I am doing this in loving memory of my beloved WE Indians teacher Charlene and her Lake Pow Wow dream! 
I am doing this for my church and Father Ed Cook who you never gave heads up notice before March 18 where ISF is our major church fundraiser to keep our church open and where I and my church religiously served ISF holding Sunday Prayer service for all ISF attendees each year! Including the one where Chief Arvol Looking Horse blessed me as a Native American foster kid along with the other about 200 Native American Adopted and Foster Kids who were welcomed back into the Native American Circle because of the Wiping Away the Tears Ceremony. I am covering this story because of those Lost Bird Native American Adopted and Foster Kids like me which matter to me! I am doing this so their Lost Bird Voices are heard too! Father Ed Cook and the Congregation of the Great Spirit Church deserve to have our angry voices heard! Father Ed is so mad at you that he told me whenever I talk about the situation to USE his name!
I offer you and the Board including recording video and audio recording interviews to hear your side of the story. I do actually care about this board and still have personal loved ones on this Board going back decades to the 80s! That is why I came to you first! Considering your emails, messenger texts, and social media my Graduate Journalism Professor told me upfront not to expect you to agree for an interview. My Professor told me all I had to do was show that I officially asked you which I did before and I am doing now! If I get a no or no response my Graduate Journalism Professor instructed me to then report your no response or no response at all when asked and in my published articles.
My follow up article on Indian Summer Festival will be available tomorrow as scheduled by my University!
Many Blessings to You!
Indian Summer Festival 2009 (Photo:White Turtle Rainbow/Wenona Gardner)
Wenona Gardner
Mohican Tribe
Marquette University Neighborhood

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