Milwaukee Community Grief Ritual April 19 – 21


Water Protectors

Indigenous cultures around the world have held rituals bringing the

community together for time to reflect, grieve and relieve the repressed feelings that eventually erupt into violence, addiction, depression,anxiety or fear.Grief comes in many forms: Death of loved ones,divorce, loss of a job, abuse, neglect, natural disasters, loss of a dream or vision, feeling stuck in our lives, feeling numb or helpless. But the outlets for expressing our grief are limited.

For Earth Week this year, Water Protectors of Milwaukee is hosting a Three-day community grief ritual. When we grieve as a community, we do not only grieve for ourselves alone, but for our communities, our ancestors, and our greater world. This ritual is offered in the spirit of Sobonfu Somé who taught

the Dagara grief ritual for many years in the United States before her death in 2017. Community Grief Rituals are one of the most effective forms of Ecotherapy. Last year, our facilitators Dr. Roan Kaufmann and Ms.Martha McCamy performed the grief ritual in Flint, for the water crisis. This year, they are in Milwaukee as “the most segregated city in the country.”

Roan is a ceremonialist, writer, and teacher of indigenous values. Over the last ten years, Roan has led hundreds of healing rituals, ceremonies and hosted personal healing retreats. Martha has assisted in leading healing rituals and ceremonies for more than five years and works as a healer and coach.

Water Protectors of Milwaukee is really excited to bring in these incredible facilitators for community healing and partnership. We hope you will join us for this incredible event.

To Register: send payment via Paypal ( or check to Roan Kaufman, 515

Cedar St., Madison, WI, 53715.

Donation and Fees: Registration fee is based on a sliding scale $150 to $50 per person.

Special consideration will be made for those with restricted income on a case by case basis.

10% of registration will be donated to a local charity.

Contact:| |

Location: Escuela Verde, 3628 W Pierce St Milwa

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