I am running for President 2020 Independent Party Tribal Sovereignty


I decided to run for President 2020 as an Artist. I believe the country needs an Artist in the White House rather than a business man. As an Artist I can solve problems creatively drawing upon the Great Spirit to guide me.

I was going to run under the Democratic Party but after much praying and thought I decided to run under as an Independent Party. I decided to call my Party Tribal Sovereignty after reflecting upon the Ojibwe 8th Fire 🔥 Prophecy which states that there are only two paths to choose from. There is the path of destruction and there is the path of harmony and peace led by the Native Americans. I am enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munster band of Mohican Nation enrollment number #001386. I believe it is time a Native American Woman needs to be in the White House since America is Ancestrally a Native American country.

My main concern is bringing the Lost Birds 🦅 home. I am talking about the Murdered Missing Indigenous Women and Girls, the Missing In Action Veterans, and the Native American Foster and Adopted. I believe our strongest resources is our people and is why we must bring them home.

Will you walk with me on this journey?


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