It Is Time To Talk About Reparations!


My name is Wenona Gardner and Wenona is the Native American word for “First Daughter.” My Indian name is Wabun Anung Morning Star which means “A Sign of Hope and the Coming Of New Dawn” according to my Medicine Woman Hail Eagle Woman who had a vision for my name. I am from the Wolf Clan which are the Pathfinders and Teachers.  Feb 10, 2019 Medicine Woman Hail Eagle Woman crossed over and I was appointed to take her place as Medicine Woman. I am the Founder of the Milwaukee Native American Circle.

I am a CEO of the White Turtle Rainbow Native American Company. I am a Native American Independent 2020 Presidential Candidate.

White Turtle Rainbow is a Multinational firm and to stay competitive in information & technology I need to comprehend the forces of Globalization. As a Presidential Candidate I need to stay on top of the trends in the Global economy for our country which my Medicine Woman Mom Hail Eagle 🦅calls Turtle Island. I care about prosperity for all of Turtle Island including the 575 Federally recognized sovereign nations.

Native Americans historically prospered with no debt, prisons, etc and freely traveled throughout all of this country which we call Turtle Island traveling freely back and forth into what we call today Canada and Mexico since we had no boundaries according to my Medicine Woman Mom. She said Native Americans from Mexico area coming the US area were not considered illegal immigrants and the same of First Nations from Canada area into the US. There were no passports and no check points. Trade was conducted freely throughout Canada, US, and Mexico by the Native Americans she said.

However, when Americans murdered 95 million Native Americans during the Native American Holocaust they also stole the blood soaked land of my native people including the plants, animals, and mineral resources according to my Mohican Cousin Elder Don Coyhis. Native Americans were stolen and enslaved as labor according to Don and Medicine Woman Mom.

“The belief that rejection of tradition and of history is a useful response to life is reflected in America’s amazing loss of memory concerning its origins in the matrix and context of Native America. America does not seem to remember that it derived its wealth, its values, its food, much of its medicine, and a large part of its “dream” from Native America. It is ignorant of the genesis of its culture in this Native American land, and that ignorance helps to perpetuate the longstanding European, and Middle Eastern monotheistic, hierarchical, patriarchal cultures’ oppression of women, gays, and lesbians, people of color, working class, unemployed people, and the elderly. Hardly anyone in America speculated that the constitutional system of government might be as much a product of American Indian ideas and practices as of colonial American and Anglo-European revolutionary fervor.” (Allen, 1992).

My Medicine Woman Mom talked about our African Ancestors in particular my Ancestor Benjamin Welch a slave from Nigeria were brought to US from Northern built ships which Americans exploited.  She also talked about how our Jewish Ancestors were also murdered during the Jewish Holocaust. So she said my family have been through 3 Holocausts and my Native American, African, and Jewish Ancestors all gone through slavery at the hands of US and other World Governments.

The US and other Governments globally murdered then stole their assets and land and enslaved my ancestors which US and other governments profited from. Honestly, the US owes my Native American and African people repatriations. UN declared that the US subjected the Native American people to genocide and has ordered the US to honor the treaties as International Law of the Land and to give back the stolen Native American lands according to my Medicine Woman Mom. (Toth, 2017).

As a CEO & a Presidential Candidate I have to acknowledge the truth of where the US got it’s wealth from murder, theft, and enslavement. As an enrolled Mohican with a total of 5 sovereign tribes in my blood I care about the prosperity of mine and the rest of the 575 federally recognized tribes beyond just the recent casino industry of some tribes to be able to compete in the global market. I believe we need to have an honest conversation where the US really got its wealth and financial structure and it’s need to make reparations to Native Americans and African Americans which is long overdue.

Wenona Gardner

Morning Star 🌟


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