Love πŸ’• You Jenny but You Are Wrong On One Point

I love πŸ’• you Jenny but you are incorrect on one point. Wearing N95 mask 😷 for me as a diabetic does protect me from getting the Corvid-19 virus according to Dr Amanda Luu. She said for me to wear gloves and N95 masks to protect myself.

But I advise not wear the N95 masks on the streets because I got assaulted by 4 black men for wearing my mask. They screamed β€œDie! Die! Die we are all going die!” They began throwing things at me. I managed to dodge but when I got inside Walmart staff refused to call 911. So Melissa from my insurance began to say β€œFuck this, I’m calling the police.” So she called Milwaukee Police πŸš” from her California Call Center and District 6 police officer Badge #2329 searched for the predators and personally escorted me out the store and through their parking lot so I could safely get home!

I am at St Catherine’s Residence for Women
Wenona Gardner
1032 E Knapp St
Apt# 409A
Milwaukee, WI 53202



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