I am an AA sponsor and my AA Sponsee is. 8 months pregnant prostitute who told me when the US government took away her AA and NA meetings she confessed she just wanted to take drugs! She currently is 8 months sober and drug free, but AF30BA39-6B36-423D-8275-05F072C5BDF8if she takes drugs now she could be sent back to prison for the 16 th time! God Please protect baby Julia her unborn child ! She asked me to the delivery but the delivery was aborted because the doctors believe the pregnant mom has Corvid1-19 and she has been on lockdown for 3 days! CDC does not know if a pregnant mom will pass Corvid-19 to baby Julia! #GodSaveBabyJulia ๐Ÿ˜ญ

2 thoughts on “#GodSaveBabyJulia”

  1. You should really watch your words if you care about vulnerable people: I canโ€™t stop thinking about your recent diatribes on the Bloggess website. Here is some perspective for you: I am seriously considering suicide…like you, I have severe chronic health issues and I have struggled my whole life with depression. My life feels increasingly worthless, but feeling the support and community of others like the Bloggess who are struggling too helps me make it through another day. Then you come along to remind me that I am in fact a piece of shit because I wonโ€™t simply snap out of it, and because I donโ€™t appreciate that my ancestors werenโ€™t part of a genocide. Well, if itโ€™s reparations you seek, an eye for an eye and a dead white woman for each dead Native American, then keep going with the vicious words…youโ€™ll probably eventually push someone over the edge. If not, maybe you could find another website where people *want* to be negative, hateful, and stuck on the past instead of spewing your hatred all over us. Itโ€™s not about whining and mac and cheese and Netflix, itโ€™s about the way our brains and bodies can betray us, and how that can feel even scarier when the world is in turmoil. I donโ€™t want to die yet, but sometimes my brain says just do it. Please donโ€™t make it worse for people like me. If we irritate you, then just go somewhere else to vent.


    1. Dear Troubled, If you are currently suicidal I highly recommend you call the National Hotline on Suicide Prevention. 18002738255.

      As for the Genocide you are part of it right now…it has never stopped. I as a Native American Woman am constantly being attacked by American men who are trying to murder me as a Native American Woman. In the last 12 months, I have had 9 men assault and sexually assault me in three major incidents in the last year. I have every right to demand Americans not murder or rape or sexually assault me in my own country or in my own home or on the steps of my own church.

      I work as a Certified Peer Support and Wellness Specialist for 14 years and I highly recommend instead of making blog posts and comments that you seek medical help to deal with the suicidal thoughts you have.

      I am not being negative. I am being pro life and valuing my life. And pointing out by comparison what is currently happening is not that bad when you look at the larger perspective of things. Again I work in mental health for 14 years I do understand how my own brain functions.

      No I was not venting. This is my home my ancestral home I actually belong here…I am not an illegal alien. I am indigenous.

      Blessed be!
      Wenona Dillman 2020

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