It is War #WilWheaton


14 thoughts on “It is War #WilWheaton”

    1. Boozhoo Samuel,

      Thanks for noticing and for asking. I was born originally Wenona Lee Dillman Wednesday July 11, 1973 at 3:53 pm. CST at St Luke’s Hospital on 27th and Oklahoma St in Milwaukee, WI. Later a Serial Rapist Monster named Grady Guy Gardner Jr adopted me and falsely branded me Gardner and raped me & sexually assaulted me 1974-1988 for 14 years til I ran away. He lied and said he was sorry but he also raped my Gamma Carrie Lee Dillman, Barbie Dillman, and Naomi Gardner. So I am burning the bridge by this serial rapist and removing the Gardner brand. Hope you stand by my decision! Thanks for asking.

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      1. It was. George told me I was kidnapped before from Duluth, MN. He produced a picture and said my real mom was Kathi McMasters who is Ojibwe and John McMasters was a Vietnam Veteran from 101 Army Airborne Division. That he was Scottish and I had a full blooded sister named Lisa about 12 years younger than me! Sam I cannot find any record of JOHN in the military anywhere. I want to make a trip to Duluth to see if I can find anything… but I am afraid to go alone. Wish Sam you could come with me to Duluth, MN so I can find the truth. George said there are 3 birth certificates he found of me. He claims the first is Wenona McMasters parents JOHN and Kathi McMasters Born July 11, 1973 in Duluth, MN. Sam who am I really? I am 😱 scared… so scared.

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  1. Boozhoo Samuel, well if my Ancestry DNA test is accurate ( honestly I question how secure these Ancestry DNA tests really are). I am 5 Native American Tribes enrolled Mohican, Oneida of the Iroquois Confederacy, Brothertown, Narragansett, and Ojibwe Tribes. Plus I am Irish/Scottish Celtic, Jewish, Romani Gypsy, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, and Gantu from Africa.

    For awhile my Ancestry DNA said I was also Asian, Pacific Islander, and Nigerian. But over time Ancestry removes them from my DNA test results…like they updated my results 4 times! Kept removing ethnicities…which makes me question the authenticity of these Ancestry DNA tests.

    Basically my family screwed & procreated with every race… Red, yellow, white, and black…. I am a walking Medicine Wheel.

    You are so kind to ask Samuel. If you want you can ask me any question you want. Just text me (414) 391-0565 I am up at night so feel free to text me!

    So George states to me with their picture that My real parents are JOHN McMasters is πŸ’― Scottish and Mom Kathi was 100% Ojibwe. George said I was 50% Ojibwe and 50% Scottish!

    Clearly someone is lying to me! People lie to me all the fucking time! I am sick of it!

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      1. How did it go? I bet that your social media connections miss you. I hope that things are going well at St. Catherine.

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