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NAMIWALKS Your Way Greater Milwaukee:A Virtual Event Saturday May 30

‪I’m supporting NAMIWalks Your Way Greater Milwaukee: A Virtual Event Saturday May 30 #MentalHealthForALL via @DonorDrive‬

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Walking to Honor Hannah Stone 16 year old Suicide First Responder ⛑: NAMIWALKS Virtual Walk in Milwaukee Saturday May 30.

Misha on Saturday May 30 is not only the GISH mini hunt, but in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and 35 other cities also the NAMIWALKS Virtual Walk. My Company White Turtle Rainbow 🌈 and I as NAMIWALKS Team Captain for “Artist’s Way Circle ⭕️ Celebrating 20 Years” are participating in Milwaukee Virtual NAMIWALKS. Since it is a Virtual Team anyone around the World can join.

Since the GISH event & NAMIWALKS Virtual WALK are both the same day …I want to be GISH Captain for a GISH TEAM called NAMIWALKS Pokémon Go where we virtual walk anywhere via the Pokémon Game!

This Year the Featured Artist who cross over too soon is YouNow’s 16 year old Hannah Stone who spent her free time rescuing thousands from suicide via her livestream. Hannah ‘s heart of Gold and lovely singing voice made her YouNow’s Healing Angel.

Unfortunately in Playlist Live it is been reported Hannah was raped at 16…word she was gang raped by from multiple men. Where was Hannah’s Angel when Hannah’s Mother took Hannah to the hospital for treatment Hannah was denied 🙅‍♂️ treatment. 6 months later in Nov 4, 2017 Hannah ended her life by suicide. Alone.

I was raped & sexually assaulted by multiple men as a child & diagnosed with PTSD. What is special about Hannah was she sacrificed her time and energy to go to the edge and pull out thousands of YouNow viewers from the brink of suicide. I want the world to remember Hannah As the Natural Born & Gifted Unpaid First Responder that she was…the innocent yet loving child she was.

So if you want to honor The Hero Hannah Stone please join my GISH TEAM : “NAMIWALKS Pokémon Go” to honor the heroic child that Hannah was.

This is Hannah Stone’s Story according to her mother Angela Stone.

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Why I am at Wil Wheaton’s Website Still?

Because overall I love 💕 Wil like a Brother and consider him family. I think he is making a very bad political decision by supporting #RapistBiden that will hurt women & children just have they have been hurt by #RapistBiden for example since Trump came to office I personally experienced 9 men sexually assault and rob me thousands of dollars of equipment specifically an IPad Pro worth $1800 with my Master’s Thesis which caused me to not graduate with a MA New Media Journalism Degree from Full Sail University. Just this Thursday May 14, 202020 at the Northpoint Water 💦 Tower at the 21 route bus stop I was sexually assaulted by a half-naked African American male who was jacking off when he pulled up in maroon truck wearing a Christmas hat and sweater. I ran for my life into oncoming traffic screaming 😱 “Call the 👮‍♀️ Police 🚔 “ I do not want a little girl abducted by this bastard.

Wil does not understand since #RapistTrump took office Everywhere sexual assaults increased and it will get even worse for women and children if and when #RapistBiden were to take to office. So that is why I am telling you about my sexual assault experience Thursday and the other 8 this past term of Cheetoz.

I do believe Wil is a good guy, he may even be a sexual assault survivor himself I will not assume, but one thing is clear to me voting for a rapist whether Democrat or Republican is bad for our country. Vote for a woman survivor. Doesn’t even have to be me.

I am here because I love Brother Wil even when he selects an evil candidate. I pray Wil rejoins the Survivors Like myself and @RoseMcGowen who is leading a movement against #RapistBiden373F527C-C872-4784-9D9D-DB86B708ADD1

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12 PM CST YouNow Broadcast Mary Kay Product Giveaway & Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center Fundraiser 40% Today’s Sales to be Donated to @GLIIHC

cropped-cb4d1ecb-c4c4-4b75-96e0-140fd4260913-5.jpeg🌸Happy Mother’s Day! 🌸12 PM CST I am live-streaming at today Sunday May 10, 2020 and I am an UpComing @MaryKay 💋Sales Director. I am enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribe and I have been going to the clinic since 1978 for over 42 years💄and I will be talking makeup in #girls. And the @MaryKay Spring catalog 2020. I will be giving away FREE @MaryKay Product To one lucky 🍀 viewer. Today is the Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center Fundraiser all day which all my @MaryKay Sales today 40% will be donated to the Gerald L Ignace Indian Center to help Native American Moms and Native American families. 930 W. Historic Mitchell Ave Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204. Livestream is at