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Why I am at Wil Wheaton’s Website Still?

Because overall I love 💕 Wil like a Brother and consider him family. I think he is making a very bad political decision by supporting #RapistBiden that will hurt women & children just have they have been hurt by #RapistBiden for example since Trump came to office I personally experienced 9 men sexually assault and rob me thousands of dollars of equipment specifically an IPad Pro worth $1800 with my Master’s Thesis which caused me to not graduate with a MA New Media Journalism Degree from Full Sail University. Just this Thursday May 14, 202020 at the Northpoint Water 💦 Tower at the 21 route bus stop I was sexually assaulted by a half-naked African American male who was jacking off when he pulled up in maroon truck wearing a Christmas hat and sweater. I ran for my life into oncoming traffic screaming 😱 “Call the 👮‍♀️ Police 🚔 “ I do not want a little girl abducted by this bastard.

Wil does not understand since #RapistTrump took office Everywhere sexual assaults increased and it will get even worse for women and children if and when #RapistBiden were to take to office. So that is why I am telling you about my sexual assault experience Thursday and the other 8 this past term of Cheetoz.

I do believe Wil is a good guy, he may even be a sexual assault survivor himself I will not assume, but one thing is clear to me voting for a rapist whether Democrat or Republican is bad for our country. Vote for a woman survivor. Doesn’t even have to be me.

I am here because I love Brother Wil even when he selects an evil candidate. I pray Wil rejoins the Survivors Like myself and @RoseMcGowen who is leading a movement against #RapistBiden373F527C-C872-4784-9D9D-DB86B708ADD1

2 thoughts on “Why I am at Wil Wheaton’s Website Still?”

  1. I hope that the police caught that predator. Do you have key chain pepper spray to carry with you? I know some of the Milwaukee Brony Community mentioned it. I’m not sure if they have been meeting recently.

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    1. Ye ah really I was supposed to have an ER follow up for a sexual assault on May 14 with my Nurse Practitioner McFerrin and Debbie canceled it! This is why your mental health center is the worst I have ever seen in all the years I worked since 2006 in mental health since working for NAMI, SaintA, and Lutheran Social Services! This is unacceptable especially since I already left home risking my health and was already at the clinic because stupid Debbie waited til a few minutes before my appointment to cancel on me! Debbie -77 stars Ignace Mental Health Department -111 stars! Folks do Not go to Gerald L Ignace if you are Raped or Sexually Assaulted their Security Guard Ron Grieger Jr yelled at me when I told him I was just sexually assaulted at the North Point Water Tower on the upper eastside Ron yelled “You are NOT a traditional woman!” Ladies avoid Gerald L Ignace if you are sexually assaulted they have incompetent mental health providers run by a racist Wasicu psychologist!


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