Native American Witch

If You Are Raped Or Sexually Assaulted, Native Ladies Please AVOID Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center’s Mental Health Department At All Costs!

I am a Professional Member of the Native American Journalist Association!
Ye ah really I was supposed to have an ER follow up for a sexual assault on May 14 with my Nurse Practitioner McFerrin and Debbie Black Ignace canceled it! This is why your mental health center is the worst I have ever seen in all the years I worked since 2006 for 14 years in mental health since working for NAMI, SaintA, and Lutheran Social Services!

This is unacceptable especially since I already left home risking my health and was already at the clinic because stupid Debbie waited til a few minutes before my appointment to cancel on me!

Debbie -77 stars

Ignace Mental Health Department -111 stars! Folks do Not go to Gerald L Ignace if you are Raped or Sexually Assaulted their Security Guard Ron Grieger Jr yelled at me when I told him I was just sexually assaulted at the North Point Water Tower on the upper eastside Ron yelled “You are NOT a traditional woman!” Ladies avoid Gerald L Ignace if you are sexually assaulted they have incompetent mental health providers run by a racist Wasicu psychologist!

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