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Mohican-7/Mohican Forever founded in 2003 Celebrating 17 Years of Native American Journalism


are just jealous of my Circle β­•οΈ Mohican-7 founded 2003 which is still going strong under the name Mohican Forever for 17 years to counteract the dangerous erroneous Myth that β€œLast of Mohicans” falsely implies to many people that my Mohican Tribe is erroneously extinct! People from my tribe are jealous because I founded the Mohican-7/Mohican Forever and newspapers and tribal members were writing National articles about the great success of Mohican-7 in 2003 at a time when no Mohican Tribal members had done any group for our people! They are jealous I received positive attention and praise for using technology to bring Mohican people both on and off the reservation together which had NEVER been done before for our Tribal Mohican Nation!  I am currently a Professional Member of the Native American Journalist Association under and what makes Mohican Tribal members hide under anonymous is they like to back stab!  This Wasicu here Siemers has no authority to determine my Mohican enrollment status only my Mohican Enrollment Tribal Office who says I have enough Mohican blood πŸ©Έ to have an enrollment Tribal card! Mohican people are jealous because I support Mohican descendants rights but I am still enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribal Nation! I present articles using the latest research from my studies of Masters New Media Journalism. I am one of the first Mohicans to go to Graduate School and hence more anonymous jealousy. I find many Mohican Tribal people are jealous when they learn I have made history as the 1st Enrolled Mohican Woman to ever run for US President 2020! Siemers however was busted for stealing my Mohican-7 logo and falsely attempted to trash me in a document full of his prejudice and his anonymous Mohican groupies who complain about me yet can NOT change the fact that I as a Black Mohican changed history by creating a circle β­•οΈ that included off reservation Mohicans and on reservations Mohicans! I am controversial because I won in Milwaukee court at 16 years old in 1989 against my Black Mohican father Grady Guy Gardner Jr who was convicted for sexually assaulted me and lost his job with Milwaukee Public Schools and became a Registered Sex Offender for Life currently living in Bowler, Wisconsin which can be confirmed by his sex offender registry on the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry! My testimony as a child exposed multiple generations of rape, sexual assault, and incest within key families in the Mohican Tribe! So Yeah Mohican people are jealous or scared of me for exposing Mohican generations of incest! My Mohican ancestor Chief John Konkapot who was an American Revolutionary War Hero and who inspires me to run for US President! According to a DNA test I am Native American and Black African Gantu and Ghana πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ . So yes I am a #BlackIndian like my father according to DNA. I don’t hide behind anonymity or steal other people’s intellectual property and made sure my Copyright was being honored by forcing the removal of my stolen Mohican a Forever logo! 

-Wenona Gardner 2020 Founder of Mohican-7/Mohican Forever!Β 

in response to Wasicu article on Jeff Siemers:

Native American Witch

Kumar Pandya at Western Governors University is a Danger to All Sexual Assault Survivors and Women!

Since a hearing has not been granted and I am still being denied classes then I have no choice but to go to the media as instructed by Milwaukee Police.Β 

I need to report that I was verbally assaulted and verbally raped by WGU staff…..I called 911 and reported this to Milwaukee police his name is Kumar Pandya and now WGU is blocking my ability to register for classes in retaliation to defending myself. I am a Sexual Assault Survivor and I am a Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate for 17 years as a Certified Peer Support and Wellness Specialist working in health care and mental health for 31 years.

I am formally requesting a hearing. This is unacceptable! And if you remove me from this school than you are part of the coverup. KUMAR PANDYA is a danger to all Sexual Assault Surivivors and Women at WGU. I am a Journalist with White Turtle Rainbow and I am taking this to the media of the WGU coverup. Β Β 

Native American Witch

Friday June 12, 2020 NAMIWALKS Fundraiser at HangoutMKE next to Pizza Shuttle πŸ•

My @NAMIMKE fundraiser with my White Turtle Rainbow🌈 Co to raise $1K for @NAMIMKE Fri 6-12-20 5p-11p at HangoutMKE next to @pizzashuttle on Farwell Ave, Milwaukee offering FREE Pizza Shuttle πŸ•, every $1 donated to @NAMIMKE gets 30min gameplay+ @Raydeux123 DJNOSAJ music 🎢