Native American Witch

Kumar Pandya at Western Governors University is a Danger to All Sexual Assault Survivors and Women!

Since a hearing has not been granted and I am still being denied classes then I have no choice but to go to the media as instructed by Milwaukee Police.Β 

I need to report that I was verbally assaulted and verbally raped by WGU staff…..I called 911 and reported this to Milwaukee police his name is Kumar Pandya and now WGU is blocking my ability to register for classes in retaliation to defending myself. I am a Sexual Assault Survivor and I am a Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate for 17 years as a Certified Peer Support and Wellness Specialist working in health care and mental health for 31 years.

I am formally requesting a hearing. This is unacceptable! And if you remove me from this school than you are part of the coverup. KUMAR PANDYA is a danger to all Sexual Assault Surivivors and Women at WGU. I am a Journalist with White Turtle Rainbow and I am taking this to the media of the WGU coverup. Β Β 

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