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Offering FREE Referrals & Prayer Support during this Worldwide Pandemic!

Hi I.M. Wondering on I am a Certified Peer Support & Wellness Specialist also 47 years old for 14 years living in Milwaukee, WI. I used to work for 211 here in Waukesha, WI where I was trained in Pandemic Outbreaks, to answer crisis & suicide calls. One of my #1 tasks answering calls at 211 was to search our extensive database various social services in particular rental assistance itself or other financial relief in other areas like food pantries, clothing pantries, energy assistance to free up money so that can also go towards rent! When I hear people suffer like this it literally breaks my heart. Because I do have experience looking programs because of my work experience with social services like 211, NAMI, Lutheran Social Services, Community Alliance, White Bison, SAINTA etc all former employers. My resume is listed under Wenona Gardner at LinkedIn. You can request my actual current resume with even references of real nonprofit supervisors real current contact information to prove yes I am exactly who I say I am. I can provide references of supervisors who know how I am trained and what I can and can not do. I am the real deal. I can even show I worked as a library clerk at Riverside University High School library and academic staff of the Alverno College library. So I also worked in information sciences. So I have this network of librarians, social workers, peer specialists, network of nonprofits I have worked for in social services. I am not here to hurt or exploit anybody. Despite differences of political alliances I do respect and admire and dare even love Wil Wheaton as a person and as an artist and the community he has built around him. So I am offering to provide free assistance to you I.M. Wondering or anyone here that truly supports Wil free help to see if I can attempt to locate any social service programs in your area.

So this is a totally free offer. No strings attached. Simply I hear you are scared and suffering I. M. Wondering. Or anybody else. Simply email me or text me at or my business line phone at (414)391-0565. If you get my voicemail it states Hi I am Wabun Anung Morning Star that is me you got the right person that is my real Indian name in Ojibwe given by my late Medicine Woman Wambli Wasu Winyan Hail Eagle Woman in Lakota and Potawatomi Cultural Teacher Earl Meshigaud Midewiwin currently lives in MI with his tribe and I can given you his office number and you can ask him did he give a Mohican Wenona Gardner in August 3, 1990 in a little Illinois cabin with Eleanor Marie Monteen Soto an Ojibwe Indian name in an actual traditional Ojibwe language ceremony and he can say if he is comfortable revealing that info yes he did. His official office number is (906) 723-2271.

I know there are scammers out there hurting innocent people. I know people are scared. Don’t know who to trust. I am listing my work history, where to find my resume and offering even references of previous non profits I actually worked for. Even the number of the Potawatomi man who gave me my Indian name. Why? To try to build credibility that this is a sincere legitimate free offer of help. Trying to say I am someone you can trust. I gain nothing. I have no hidden agenda. I just want to help in a time of great need.

Wil can you either post this one comment so this I.M. Wondering sees this. And emails me where she resides. Anything she needs. I hear need for rent assistance first and any financial relief that can ease burdens and frees up some cash to go towards any rent payment. It is very important I know zip code, city , and state so when I go online and tap into my network of nonprofits and librarians hone in her location to offer current social services in her area. So as soon as I receive zip code, city, and state that should be enough to begin an active search tomorrow on Monday July 27 9 am CST. If anyone else says hey I need help here is my zip code, city and state I found you on Wil’s site. Depending how many requests I receive and how much time I can set aside for this determines how fast I can get to each person. I will try to do my best. If you simply can give me your name I will write your name on my prayer list at my altar at my house and daily say your name out loud during my prayers asking God please help this person. So I am offering some free referrals and prayer support.

So either Wil approves this message so I.M. wondering sees this. Or Wil can you leave a brief comment on I. M. Wondering’s post saying send zip code, city and state to (414) 391-0565 or email for free referral’s and prayer support. This is Wil’s page and I am leaving it up to him to proceed.

At the minimum I am writing I.M. Wondering on my prayer list and daily praying for this individual for help this individual wherever they may be gets prayer support even if this is all I have. I trust God knows your name, your need, and location even if I do not. I know God can make a way even if I can see no way. So Wil I said a prayer for IM Wondering and promise to keep that name. Hopefully you support my intention of help to offer help and either way. So even if you do not see this comment at all, or you do nothing, forget to approve this post, or even do nothing not even try to leave a comment. Well I know God knows my heart and intentions and knows I tried my best to offer help. And I do believe God will see what you do or do not do on this matter. I do believe in God and Karma so yeah they will watch what you do. I sleep well knowing I tried.

Blessed Be!
Happy Sabbath
Wenona Gardner BA, CSPWS
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 391-0565

It is up to you Wil. Please do the right thing here. God and Karma is watching you right now.

Walk in Beauty Golden Eagle! 🌸

Native American Witch

Hop Fails Disabled and Elderly

Hop was horrible service on Monday July 20, 2020! Around 2 pm me and my friend Senya waited almost 2 hours for The Hop today! Hop is supposed to come every 15 minutes! Then at 6 PM I waited 2 hours and no Hop! I am disabled, can not walk home, no money for bus! I am stranded and there are like 2 Elderly women in walkers and a man with multiple bags of heavy luggage all stranded on Ogden Street too! This is unacceptable! I am searching for an App and I searching Hop, The Hop, Hop MKE, M-Line, Street Car, and Potawatomi Street Car! Like no App is coming up! It is getting dark! Phone is about to die! So I am trying to call M-Line Lost & Found! I am like I need help! I am stranded! I have no money! I am disabled! I can not walk home! Help! The operator is fucking laughing and she thinks this is funny! As I am reporting there are scared 80 something year old elderly women with walkers and a Black man with a ton of luggage also stranded at the M-Line Route along Ogden Street that can not walk home! Shannon just hangs up! Over and over! I demand the name of Shannon’s Supervisor and Shannon’s Supervisor phone number! Shannon hangs up again! I call back and Shannon keeps refusing to provide Shannon’s Supervisor name and number! 

This is absolutely horrible and insane! I recommend this Operator Shannon be immediately fired! This is not a laughing matter! I am outraged! I am a #DisabilityRightsAdvocate and a Reporter! This is outrageous! I am reporting this to ADA, Potawatomi, Mayor, & Media! You can not do this to elderly and disabled leaving them stranded and your customer service representative’s Shannon’s response is to sit there laughing! This is not funny! This is unacceptable! This is NOT ADA compliant!