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What 2 Years of US Presidential Campaigning Taught Me!

Since September 7, 2018 I have been the first Enrolled Native American Woman to ever run for US President 2020. I am enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribe living in Milwaukee, WI. I am the first Mohican Woman to ever run for US President 2020 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During this time I officially registered with the IRS with an official EIN number for the Committee to Elect Wenona Gardner for President under the WhiteTurtleRainbow party. I then opened a Tri City bank account for the Committee to Elect Wenona Gardner for President. I contacted the Federal Elections Commission and the Wisconsin Elections Commission and obtained official Wisconsin nomination papers to register to get on the Wisconsin ballot. My main platform was for #SurvivorRights because I refused to vote for #RapistTrump and #RapistBiden. I am a 17 year Rape and Sexual Assault Survivor. 11 men have raped and sexually assaulted me in my life time. During my US Presidential Campaign hackers took out my US President Facebook account and 9 black men have attempted to murder me in hate crimes, sexually assault me, and rob me. I find it ironic that as I fought for #SurvivorRights that these 9 men who attempted to murder me in hate crimes as I am Enrolled Native American and I am African Gantu and Ghana. My Mohican Grandmother married a freed slave Benjamin Welch and during the 1880s my Gardner family were being forced off of our Mohican tribe for having negro blood. I also find it ironic that as I fought for #SurvivorRights that these 9 men also sexually assaulted me resulting in a rape kit at Aurora Sinai Samaritan Hospital just the day after my Medicine Woman Mom’s Memorial. I learned during these tragic two years we as a country need #SurvivorRights more now than ever.

As a US President Candidate 2020 I learned very intimately why we are only a two party system. I did not realize that every state has different rules to get on the ballot for Independent US President candidates. For example, ideally would be to get on the Oklahoma ballot where there are 39 Native American tribes, however it requires $35,000. Because I am disabled I am on SSDI and Medicaid and that the state of Wisconsin limits me to fu I think I am the first lower class woman to ever run for US President with disabilities. Also there were only 4 states in the United States that allowed electronic signatures because of Covid-19 and Wisconsin was not one of them. I was told by the Wisconsin Election Commission that the only way to get Wisconsin to allow electronic signatures is for the Wisconsin State Legislator to change the laws. So Wisconsin expected me with a compromised immune system to approach less than 6 feet to get 2000 signatures from July 1, 2020 through August 4, 2020 risking contracting Covid-19 which could kill me according to Dr Amanda Luu. I didn’t have 6 foot pens. I am really disappointed to risk my very life to try to get on the ballot this year. I did ask for signatures and I happily took pictures of those who signed my nomination ballot. I am grateful for every signature that I did get.

I want to thank Kelly Jackson for supporting me as an Indigenous Sister by giving me permission to use her song Wake Up as my US President Campaign 2020 song. Her love and supporting me as a Native American Woman was precious and life affirming. I want to thank all the Survivors and Survivor organizations that I networked with like RAINN, Saint A, NAMI, Aurora Sexual Assault Healing Center, etc that made my campaign worthwhile. The networking with Survivors and Survivor organizations made this journey the most meaningful and memorable.

I got my absentee ballot and I am happy to report that I wrote in my name Wenona Lee Gardner for US President and I didn’t have to vote for #RapistTrump and #RapistBiden. I am happy for anyone who also wrote in my name. I am happy that during this US President campaign 2020 that for the first time ever in history there were two Native American US President candidates. The other one besides me was Navajo Mark Charles who ran a good race but I wish like myself that Native American Journalists and Journalists in general spent more time covering us as Native American Candidates and that more Native Americans actually heard of Mark and I. The reality of lack of coverage for us Native American US President Candidates was disheartening.

I want to use my precious IRS EIN number for the Committee to Elect Wenona Gardner for US President for the next four years for US President 2024. I am planning to write my book My Journey As The First Native American Woman to Run for US President 2020 during NaNoWriMo the National Novel Writing Month of November 2020 where I will write the 50,000 word book during the month of November 2020. A sweet supporter who lived on Downer Avenue in Milwaukee, WI who gave me a glass of orange juice when my blood sugar dropped as I was campaigning on the east side because of my diabetes suggested I write and sell my book about my experience running for US President as a Native American Woman and sell the book using the proceeds to fund my US President Campaign in 2024. I like her idea! I am going to dare to run.

“Run Wenona Run!”