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Seeking Members for Committee to Elect Wenona Gardner for US President 2024

Boozhoo. (Hello in Ojibwe) I am the 1st Native American Woman to run for US President in US history from West Allis, WI 2020 and 2024. I am currently writing a book in James Van Praagh writing class a 14 New York best selling author about my Journey as the first Native American Woman to Run for US President 2020 campaigning for 2 years as an introduction book and to raise campaign funds.

As part of my 2024 campaign I am also seeking members interested in working with me on my Committee to Elect Wenona Gardner for US President. I have a campaign office where we can work from. I would love to have you. Please email me at or call me at (414) 308-8640.

Chi Miigwetch (Thank you very much in Ojibwe)

Wenona Gardner
Wabun Anung which in Ojibwe means
Morning Star

Mark Denning Oneida
National Day of Mourning. Franklin, WI
November 26, 2020

Native American Witch

Night of Election November 3, 2020…Some Thoughts

Wenona Gardner 2024 Enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribe

Tonight is the Night of Election Day and I want to write this to all my supporters. Thank you Chi Miigwetch for listening to me and not laughing in my face like so many others did when I told them that I was running for US President. I lost friends. I had friends not sign my nomination papers for the right to even appear on any ballot. I had friends block me. I had friends and people call me crazy. But for those supporters who took the time to listen to my #SurvivorRights platform for my White Turtle Rainbow Party Chi Miigwetch Thank You! You made this journey worthwhile so much so that I am committing to 4 more years for the US President Campaign in 2024 building upon everything I learned campaigning during 2020.

White Turtle Rainbow 🌈 Movement for #SurvivorRights

See my Mohican Tribe is facing extinction right now as a Tribe who are Genocide Survivors as well as Rape and Abuse Survivors from Residential Schools. We are down to 1450 enrolled members which the Genocide Tools still in place including Federal Blood Quantum which will kill us and the other Tribal Nations. Plus I uncovered Incest and Rape stemming from Lutheran Mission Residential Schools has infected my Tribe creating Rape and Abuse Survivors causing whole families to self destruct.

I am running to save my people.

I am running to protect the native nations.

I am running to promote the healing of Rape, Sexual Assault, and Domestic Violence Survivors everywhere.

I now moved and have a CharityM00N Sanctuary where I commit to daily morning and evening prayers and ceremony to heal Turtle Island, USA and Mother Earth.

Will you join me in 2024?

“Run Wenona Run”

Photo taken by Wenona Gardner/White Turtle Rainbow of the Traditional Dancers of the Mohican Pow Wow.