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Luxury of Kindness

I got a couple of those Facebook Memories today that I’m glad I wrote. I’m grateful I saw them this morning, and I want to share them. November 5, 2018 I wrote this yesterday on my tumblr thing. I’m sharing it here for anyone who struggles with the same things I do. I’m having a […]

whenever possible, be the person you need(ed) in your life

November is Native American Heritage Month. I am reflecting on what you shared here Wil Wheaton about your belief to be kind. That is truly a wonderful value, but how can I be kind knowing the Native American Holocaust continues today & confirmed by the UN which states the US is committing Genocide & the Native Americans’ land be returned? I try to be a person who is kind but this situation makes me angry.

I am the direct Descendant of Mohican Chief John Konkapot and I am upset when I read he sacrificed our Mohican Language & Spiritual beliefs to convert our whole Tribe to Christianity in order to get the English & Education to survive. How can I be kind knowing I can not speak or write my Mohican Language? How can I be kind knowing The Bible was shoved down me and my people’s throats because it was being used as an Emergency life raft? A do or die situation.

I appreciate your value on kindness. But I have had enough of the Native American Holocaust. I disagree with my Ancestor Chief John Konkapot. I think forcing us to lose our Mohican Freedom came at a terrible price to our very Mohican Spirit.

I can not be polite over this loss. I am outraged. I don’t have the freedom or luxury of kindness when I have lost my Mohican language & Mohican Spiritual Freedom and I stand to lose everything.

Blessed Be!
Wenona Gardner

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