Artist's Way, Milwaukee, Mohican, Morning Star, Ojibwe

Song: “Come Upon An Angel” by DJ Celestial BUFFY aka Wenona Gardner

You better hold your breath
As the flame of the fire
It will take us to where we never end
I feel the same old pain
Nothing could be the same
I hear you saying you
I’m not aware of the sound
Tonight and all the stars gave you my heart
As if I was a star
It took me back to where we used to be
If I had a thousand hearts
And all the vows that I made
And all the dreams I thought that was still true
Are bound to lead us to a place
You were the one that I needed
Were made in so many ways
All the days of my life
Are only just a page
I will lead them through the dark
They were broken in the days
Some were never quite the same
You were gone and you were saved
Now I’m feeling right at home
With a broken heart and a shadow without a trace
Of the dreams we had and the life they were saved
Then you came by my side
And I was just about to give up
Because you always were the one
And I was down on my knees
I thought about you on a day when it bumps
But I never thought that I could ever give up
Because you always were the one

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