About Wenona Lee Gardner-Collins – Morning Star

Boozhoo (Hello in Ojibwe),

I am the 1st Enrolled Native American Woman to Run for Milwaukee Mayor and US President in History.

Mashkikikwe Wabun Anung – Medicine Woman Morning Star 🌟 for 32 Years Mohican Wenona Gardner-Collins.

My name is Wenona Lee Gardner. I am made Maskikikwe Wabun Anung – Medicine Woman Morning Star 🌟 by my Mother Medicine Woman Mohican Eleanor Marie Monteen Soto – Wambli Wasu Winyan – Hail Eagle Woman. I was given my Indian Name By Midewiwin Medicine Man Potawatomi Earl Meshiguad Ogimaniquit Morning Star 🌟 “A Sign of Hope. And A Coming of A New Dawn.” The Elders Prophesized about me, Declared Me A Prophet, and Asked me to Run for Office both US President and Milwaukee Mayor. I was also taught Traditional Medicine and about the Star Nation by Lakota Medicine Man Floyd Hand.

I am also High Priestess Charity M00N coming from the Witches of my Celtic Tribes for 32 years. I practiced Celtic & Anishnabe Midiwiwin.

I am a Native American Journalist with White Turtle Rainbow. I am enrolled in the Stockbridge – Munsee band of Mohican Tribal Nation of Bowler, Wisconsin. I reside on my Mohican Reservation in Bowler, WI.. Milwaukee is Native American and means “Gathering of the Waters” according to Medicine Woman Menominee Charlene Haweptoss Wheelock who had the Vision for a Traditional Pow Wow along the Lake Michigan and Crossed Over To The Spirit World at the Indian Summer Pow Wow Grounds. It is my Goal to Bring Back our Native American Pow Wow as a Traditional Pow Wow at Summerfest but this time we call it the Medicine Woman Scharlene Haweptoss Wheelock Indian Summer Traditional Pow Wow.

I was Trained & Paid as a City of Milwaukee Elections Inspectator since 2020.

I have a BA in Business and Management from Alverno College. I serve as the Communications Ambassador for the Alverno College Alumnae Council. I am a Singer, Songwriter, formally trained Musician of 32Instruments. Music Journalist and Professional Member of Native American Journalist of Association.

I am a 1st Responder trained to Dispatch Police & Ambulances to those who are Suicidal & in Crisis that worked at Safe Harbor as a Certified Peer Support and Wellness Specialist. As a 211 Operator I was trained for World Pandemics.

I trained with my mother Medicine Woman, Pipe Carrier, Tribal Genealogist, Warrior Woman the late Eleanor Marie Monteen (Soto) of the Brothertown, Oneida, and Mohican Tribal Nations whose Indian name is Wambli Wasu Winyan which in Lakota means Hail Eagle Woman! I was her Medicine Helper who I helped run Native American ceremonies with her. Wambli Wasu Winyan she had the vision of my name β€œMorning Star a Sign of Hope” and a β€œComing of a New Dawn.” My mother with Cultural Director Potawatomi Earl Meshigaud from MI and gave me my Indian name Wabun Anung which means Morning Star in a Native American Naming Ceremony in Illinois in August 3, 1990.

I have been an Artist for 43 years trained in Allen-Field, Fritsche, Pulaski, South Division, Riverside University, Lake Band, Alverno College, and the BFA Degree specializing drawing & painting at the Peck Arts Degree Progran at University Wisconsin – Milwaukee. I am also I am a writer, livestreamer on YouNow and OG YouTuber since for 16 years. In addition, I have also been an Artist’s Way Teacher based on the Teachings of Julia Cameron for 23 years.

On September 7, 2018 I announced my Ceremonial Campaign ad the US President 2020 as the 1St Enrolled Native American Woman to Run. My platforms are #DisabilityRights #TribalSovereignty #RestoreTurtleIsland #MMIW

First Enrolled Native American to Run US President 2020 and 2024

Blessed Be!
Wenona Gardner

4 thoughts on “About Wenona Lee Gardner-Collins – Morning Star”

  1. Hello Buffy! Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the web! Your comments were so thoughtful and kind :). I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me. I am so glad to see you blogging, too! I love the fact that you dance in the living room — and announce it to the world! (I dance secretly, when no one’s watching — although there have been times when I’m in my own little world, and in public, and I catch myself dancing down aisles or in the checkout line). I’ll see you soon!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my Blog! I appreciate the recovery support! Yes….in recovery 6+yrs now, and Loving Life AGAIN! I just LUV your blog and am now following. Nice to meet new Bloggers πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hugs! Catherine


  3. My dear Winona,
    I am quite a bit older than you and have been searching for my “Higher Power” for these 24 years. And indeed one day alas, I discovered that “it was with me along my journey. It was only till I recognized acceptance of my “higher power’s” will for me, rather than my will for me that my life took its turn. When I read your poetry, for me, it is a very meaningful search for my own contribution to the world and the meaning “my tribe” has for me. Keep writing, it is your gift and makes an enormous contribution to those who read it. All the best Martin Isaacson


    1. Greetings Martin,

      Anushiik (Thank you in Munsee) for stopping by my Two Step Story page. Actually, I didn’t say I was searching for anything. My exact words were ” I am writing my memoir “Two Step” a story of a Native American woman who is finding herself, her higher power, and true love.” Meaning everyday I am coming into contact with my Higher Power. I am constantly pray Dear Great Creator, help me to know your will and the power to carry that out.

      I am constantly inviting Great Creator’s will in my life. One thing is accepting Great Creator’s will for how I see myself. I don’t give myself credit for what I do that is right. I am judging myself very harshly and I don’t give myself room to make mistakes as I am human. So I ask Dear Great Creator help me to see myself through your eyes.

      I am glad you have a tribe and that is has great meaning for you. Thank you for encouraging me to keep writing and that you acknowledge it as my gift and that I make an enormous contribution to those who read it. Lately, I have been going to Women’s Drumming Circles and expressing myself through rhythm because it heals negative emotions, blocks, and emotional trauma. I write everyday 3 pages long hand doing the Morning Pages of stream of conscious writing as outlined by Julia Cameron the author of The Artist’s Way. I plan to write more on my Blog. I recently just got back from a major trip to Washington DC for the Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages where I searched the archives of the Library of Congress and Smithsonian searching for my Mahican and Munsee tribal languages. I also celebrated my 40th birthday. I also am going up north to do a Breath of Life presentation for my Mohican tribe and a major presentation on Intergenerational Trauma on Wed August 14. Hopefully, when all that is taken care of I will be able to shift my focus back to writing my Two Step story.

      Wenona Morning Star Gardner


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