Resume January 17, 2020

Wenona L Gardner

1032 E Knapp St

Apt# 409-A

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

414 391-0565


Communications and Management skills as CEO of White Turtle Rainbow a Milwaukee, WI Native American Media Company.


BA Business & Management and Integrated Arts & Humanities Alverno College. Milwaukee, WI. 1995

MFA New Media Journalism 2019 Full Sail University. Studied Online. 2018 – 2019

MBA – Management American InterContinental University Online. 2019 – Present


CEO/Native American Journalist White Turtle Rainbow 2015 – Present

Native American Media Company. Milwaukee, WI.

The Artist’s Way Circle Facilitator Milwaukee, WI. 2000- Present

• Organized thousands artists worldwide to empower artistic recovery, expression, & empowerment.

Peer Support and Wellness Specialist 2015 Safe Harbor. Community Alliance. Omaha, NE Answering

• Suicide Calls, Crisis Phone Line and Emergency Intervention.

Certified Peer Specialist/Activities Coordinator

Lutheran Social Services of Milwaukee, WI 2012-2013

• Facilitated Recovery Circles.

• Editor & Writer of Unlimited News.

• Organize social and educational events.

Certified Peer Specialist/Activities Coordinator Saint A, Milwaukee, WI 2007-2012

• Empowering Clients through Mental Health Recovery.

• Facilitated over 100 in talking circles with mental health consumers with Grassroots Empowerment Project, Inc.

• Hosting a Wellness Shack Board Retreat Talking Circle to facilitate further communication and problem solving.

Breath of Life Archival Institute of Indigenous Languages June 2013 Washington DC.

• Produced videos & photographs about Mahican language found in National Archives.

Professional Member of Native American Journalist Association 2018 – Present


Cover Letter for Complexy Communications Coordinator

Wenona Gardner

1032 E Knapp St

Apt# 409-A

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

(414) 391-0566

January 16, 2020

Dear Hank and John,

My Indian name is Wabun Anung which means Morning Star 🌟 in Ojibwe. I am enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribal Nation, Oneida, Brothertown, and Ojibwe. My clan is Wolf 🐺 Clan which are the Pathfinders and the Teachers. I am active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, YouNow, and a Patron on Patreon in the past year for Dear Hank and John, Charles & Allie Trippy and I have my own Creator Patreon Page.

I am interested to apply for your Complexy Communicator Director Position. I created my YouTube account in May 28, 2006 for 13 years. In the early YouTube years, I came across the Vlogbrothers channel and has been a Nerdfighter right away. I was in the YouTube Partner Program under the original rules. I bought a ticket to see you in Illinois during the Turtles All The Way Down Tour. I was taking Ojibwe language classes at UW-Milwaukee the same day Hank was on campus during his book tour. I have been reading both of your books. I participate in Project for Awesome for years I am currently a member of the following Facebook Groups.

💕Chicago Nerdfighters

💕Adult Nerdfighter Dating

💕Adult Nerdfighter Gloves Are All Off!

💕Adult Nerdfighter Anxiety and Depression Support Group

💕Adult Nerdfighters Over 30

💕Nerdfighters Hogwarts

💕Single Adult Nerdfighters


I have a BA in Business & Management and Arts & Humanities from Alverno College specializing in Marketing 1991-1995. I served as a Board of Director for Grassroots Empowerment Project, Inc. and as the Marketing Director 2009-2011. I studied 2018-2019 MA New Media Journalism from Full Sail University. I am currently studying MBA Management online at American InterContinental University. My current courses are Managerial Marketing and Leadership & Ethics. I am currently writing a Leadership Style paper on CEO Hank Green who I consider an excellent role model and deserves to be scholarly researched. I believe the opportunity to work for the Green brothers is a once in a life opportunity since they are my ideal business role models.

I am currently CEO/Native American Journalist of White Turtle Rainbow Native American Media Company. I am a Professional Member of the Native American Journalist Association.

I believe as a Native American I offer a unique perspective culturally in Communications.

Chi Miigwetch,

(Thank you very much in Ojibwe.)

Wenona Gardner

Wabun Anung – Morning Star


30 Native American News & Art Blog Posts for NaNoWriMo in November

NaNoWriMo is celebrating their 20 year Anniversary! NaNoWriMo is the challenge to write 50,000 words in the month of November. Since November is also the Native American Heritage Month, I have decided that I am writing 30 Native American News and Art Blog Posts here at for NaNoWriMo. If you are writing during NaNoWriMo I could use a writing buddy. Add me at NaNo username Wenona_Gardner

I am enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribal Nation. I am also a Professional Member of the Native American Journalist Association. I am CEO of White Turtle Rainbow and Founder of the Mohican Forever Facebook Group.

Mohican Forever!


Living Memorial: Artist’s Way Circle

Artist’s Way Circle was founded in May 20, 2000 as a living Memorial to my best friend & fellow UWM Student Steve Nemacheck who committed suicide March 5, 2000. Steve was a Blackfoot Artist Student at University of Wisconsin of Milwaukee with me who had PTSD after a major car accident. Steve’s wife left him and he ended up hospitalized, but as soon as he was released Steve committed suicide. I never got to say goodbye! I created this Artist’s Way Circle for a safe place for artists to come in the sacred circle so they will never be alone. I am a Certified Peer Support and Wellness Specialist trained in answering mental health & suicide calls with Safe Harbor crisis center with Community Alliance.

If you would like to check out our Artist’s Way Circle


Wenona Gardner Morning Star Music Journalist with the Native American Journalist

Boozhoo (Hello in Ojibwe),

My name is Wenona Lee Gardner. I am a Native American Journalist. My Indian name is Wabun Anung which means in Morning Star in Ojibwe. I am enrolled in the Stockbridge – Munsee band of Mohican Tribal Nation of Bowler, Wisconsin. I reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I have a BA in Business and Management from Alverno College. I serve as the Communications Ambassador for the Alverno College Alumnae Council. I am currently a New Media Journalism Master’s of Arts Graduate Student from Full Sail University with a graduation date October 9, 2019. I am a Singer, Songwriter, formally trained Musician of 19 Instruments. Music Journalist and Professional Member of Native American Journalist of Association and the Internet Creator’s Guild.

I am a Native American Certified Peer Support and Wellness Specialist. I apprenticed with my mother Medicine Woman, Pipe Carrier, Tribal Genealogist, Warrior Woman the late Eleanor Marie Monteen (Soto) of the Brothertown, Oneida, and Mohican Tribal Nations whose Indian name is Wambli Wasu Winyan which in Lakota means Hail Eagle Woman! I was her Medicine Helper who I helped run Native American ceremonies with her. Wambli Wasu Winyan she had the vision of my name “Morning Star a Sign of Hope” and a “Coming of a New Dawn.” My mother with Cultural Director Potawatomi Earl Meshigaud from MI and gave me my Indian name Wabun Anung which means Morning Star in a Native American Naming Ceremony in Illinois in August 3, 1990.

I have been an Artist for 37 years trained in Allen-Field, Fritsche, Pulaski, South Division, Riverside University, Lake Band Inc, Alverno College, UWM, and Full Sail University. I am also I am a writer, livestreamer on YouNow and OG YouTuber since for 13 years. In addition, I have also been an Artist’s Way Teacher based on the Teachings of Julia Cameron for 23 years.


RIP Mohican, Oneida, Brothertown Medicine Woman and Pipe Carrier Eleanor (Monteen) Soto

Mohican, Oneida, Brothertown Medicine Woman, Pipe Carrier, and Water Protector.
Eleanor Monteen Soto’s son and Wenona Gardner’s brother Mario Soto

I just found out that my mom just passed away and I have to make funeral arrangements out of town. Our reservation is up north four hours from Milwaukee. Traditionally we turn off cellphones and computers and go into Ceremony in a sacred fire for three days in mourning.
My mom was more than my mom and teacher we were best friends staying up all night talking about Ceremony and genealogy, and fighting for our Brothertown Tribe to regain Federal Recognition! She was a Water Protector, Environmental Activist, Rainbow Warrior, and so much more! I can not stop listening to Native American Music sobbing telling the family the news and gathering my large family and three tribes to come to the sacred fire!
Thanks to my Mom she gave me the Indian name Wabun Anung which means Morning Star. At my Indian naming ceremony in August 3, 1990 in a cabin by a lake in Illinois my Mom shared her vision for me was that despite all the trauma I suffered from incest from my father from ages 1 years old – 15 years old, running away from home because nobody believed me and would make it stop, testifying in court against my father who was facing 10 years in prison and a $30,000 fine resulting in him getting a felony sexual assault conviction, which he became a registered sex offender for life, went to jail, and losing his job at Milwaukee Public Schools around children, resulting in me being sexually assaulted in foster care by a 26 year old foster brother, and being placed on suicide watch at 16 at DePaul hospital resulting in a PTSD diagnosis and being put on disability. Mom said despite all of that I was still a bright shining light 🔆in a sea of darkness. Mom told me I am a sign of Hope a coming a New Dawn. That was why my Mom gave me the sacred ceremonial name Morning Star. And I have dedicated my entire life to upload that light in everything I do to live up to the responsibility of the name she bestowed upon me. 
I am also grateful that mom made me her Medicine Woman Apprentice. Together we ran ceremonies for the community including Healing Circles, Talking Circles, Prayer Circles, and Pipe Ceremonies. When Mom and I found out that Jeffrey Dahmer had murdered and eaten my Oneida cousin Jaime Doxtator Mom and I together lead a Sacred Mourning Ceremony in Milwaukee for the Milwaukee Indian Community to address the outrage of one of our own was cannibalized and together we grieved this loss. Mom and I sang for all 3 Native American Churches the Congregation of the Great Spirit Church, Congregation Great Spirit Lutheran Church, and Native American Methodist Church with the Oneida Intertribal Singers. Mom and I together taught children in Milwaukee Public Schools, Shorewood Schools, and Boys and Girls Native American Culture through Native Dance. Mom and I did genealogy work for Mohican, Oneida, and Brothertown relatives especially using our geneaology work to fight for Brothertown Tribe to regain Federal Recognition! Thanks to my Mom she taught me our tribal Languages which lead me to became a Language Activist for my Native people where I represented my tribes at the Breath of Life Archival Institute of Indigenous Languages in Washington DC where I searched for my tribal languages in the National Archives, Library of Congress, American Indian Museum, and Smithsonian searching through hundreds of 100 year old documents. Mom taught me to be a Water Protector, Environmental Activist, and for 10 years an Environment Engineer studying our sacred water ways as a member of the American Indian Science Engineering Society and GUEST Program at UWM with Professor Rose Daitsman.
Mom was a true warrior and she taught me to fight for our rights and for Mother Earth! I owe everything to her!
Thank you Mom I will Always Eternally Be Grateful and Love.
Wenona Gardner
White Turtle Rainbow
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233

Eleanor Monteen Soto’s Daughter Wenona Gardner (Photo: White Turtle Rainbow/ Wenona Gardner)
Morning Star Wabun Anung Indian Name Vision by Eleanor Monteen Soto for her Daughter Wenona Gardner given in naming ceremony August 3, 1990 in a cabin by a lake in Illinois with Ojibwe Language Naming Giver who conducted Wenona’s Indian Naming Ceremony by Potawatomi Cultural Teacher Earl Meshigaud (Logo created by Wenona Gardner)
Mohican – 7 A circle to learn Mohican and Genealogy created by Mohican Wenona Gardner May 20, 2000 celebrating 19 years. (Mohican-7 Logo created by Mohican Wenona Gardner )
Mohican Pow Wow August 2016 (Photo:White Turtle Rainbow/ Wenona Gardner)
Mohican Pow Wow August 2016 (Photo:White Turtle Rainbow/ Wenona Gardner)
Mohican Wenona Gardner in front of Mohican Flag in Bowler, WI (Photo:White Turtle Rainbow/Wenona Gardner)