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“Dancing Until Daylight” Written By Wenona Gardner DJ Celestial Buffy Dedicated to DJ NOSAJ Jason D Raymond

Waabanishimo – Dance Until Daylight

By DJ Celestial Buffy Wenona Gardner

Dedicated to DJ NOSAJ Jason D Raymond

Sunday February 14, 2021 Valentine’s Day

Ni gawa Zaagi’ idiwin

I fell in love

Anishnabe Gidge Migwa DJ NOSAJ

With an Ojibwe DJ NOSAJ

Amajise Geshkozini Bawaagjiigan

Come Awake My Dream


He Plays Music

Madewe Wetoon

He Makes Sounds


He Dances Away

Wiijsh Motaw Wabun Anung

Dance With Me Morning Star


I love you – open into me.

Gii Chii Migwetch

A Very Big Thank You

Gizah gin

I love you


Shooting Star



When 95 Million of Your Family & People Is Murdered Right In Front of You Plus All Their Blood Soaked Land Is Stolen Right From Under You & All Your Children & Grandchildren… Then You Will Have Something Really Tragic To Cry About!

Let me put it this way. Corvid-19 has so far resulted in about over 135, 000 people dead 💀 globally. Honestly, this is not the worst in history! The worst in history was the Native American Genocide Holocaust by the hands of Christian Americans resulted in 95 million Native Americans murdered in cold blood including native kids, native elders, and native pregnant women carrying native unborn babies using blankets purposely infected with germ warfare with small pox according to Mohican Elder Don Coyhis on purpose! Plus the same Christian murderers and their spoiled cry baby offspring children stole the native people’s land that was still soaked with those native blood 🩸! 95 million native people murdered and their land stolen is a real tragedy to cry about! When Corvid-19 reaches 95 million people dead 💀 then I would agree you have something REAL to cry about! None of Texas or any State belongs to you! Texas and all the 50 states in the US belongs rightfully to the Native Americans not you according to the UN! I will say it again get a grip and put it into perspective! You have not suffered til 95 million of your family and your people get murdered in front of you macaroni and cheese Netflix watching ungrateful brats!cropped-cb4d1ecb-c4c4-4b75-96e0-140fd4260913-4.jpeg


Bring Back 9 Support Groups Gerald L Ignace Health Center


Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center, Inc. No you are not! When I lost my mom and her Memorial was May 4 and on Sunday May 5 was the #MMIW Indigenous Awareness Day I did A virtual run 🏃🏻‍♀️ wearing my Red Dress and when I reached my church near Marquette two men sexually assaulted me and robbed me a $1700 IPad Pro with my Master’s Thesis so I was not able to get My MA New Media Journalism degree from Full Sail University and they sexually assaulted me on the church steps calling me a Native MILF saying they wanted to rape me! So what did your Wasicu psychologist do? He removed all my supports including Wellbriety, 12 step, AODA, and My AODA Counselor a DANNY Preston, and took away 2 talking Circles including Women’s Talking Circles, the Grief Support, and Circles of Strength ALL AT ONCE with no substitution. And you know what happened? Your Wasicu Psychologist MADE ME SUICIDAL! Even as a Certified Peer Support Specialist with 14 years working with NAMI, SAINTA and Lutheran Social Services! Learn from the harm you caused me to the point of suicide! Bring back 9 person support groups or more native people will commit suicide!


Native American Grandmother Assaulted by 4 Black Men in their 30s at Capitol Walmart in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Whose Staff Refused To Call 911 for Police!

Native American Grandmother Assaulted by 4 Black Men at the Capitol Walmart Whose Staff Refused to Call 911 for Police!
Thank God for protecting me!

Last night I was just assaulted by 4 black men at Walmart for wearing a Dr ordered N95 mask to keep me from dying from the Coronavirus because my immune system is compromised from diabetes! Walmart staff and manger refused to call 911 for the 🚔 police! Even when I specifically asked for them to call 911!

The 1st hero of the night was Melissa from my Insurance United Health Care Special Needs who while on the phone heard Walmart staff members flat out refuse to call 911, Melissa took it upon herself to call 911 from outside the state of Wisconsin. Thank you Melissa UnitedHealthCare for calling 911. I am calling my insurance to let her boss know Melissa deserves a raise! 🏅

Another hero was Milwaukee Officer 👮‍♀️ District 6 Badge #2329 who came to my rescue and searched for the 4 perpetrators at Walmart and personally escorted me out of Walmart and through the Parking lot so I could safely get home! You Sir deserve a medal 🏅! I am calling District 6 police 🚔 to praise officer Badge #2329 to let his Supervising Sergeant know about his above and beyond work!

😡Wearing the N94 mask 😷 in the street made me targeted for violence! Please learn from this experience! Carry your masks with you when you are in the streets but do not put them on your face in the streets because you can become targeted for violence like I was! I don’t want to die from the Covid-19 virus 🦠 or random gang street violence!

Let’s love 💕 and take care of each other!

💕 Love,

Wenona Gardner
Native American from the Mohican Tribe
Descendant of African Slavescropped-86003ad6-9519-47b5-b87f-f755a9e95dff-1.jpeg


Bring Back the Medicine Wheel Teachings! Response to Milwaukee Shooting 2-26-2020

I am Wenona Gardner and I am enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation and a descendent of African slaves. I regularly go to the Indian Council of Elderly for lunch 3 times every week near 33rd & Kilbourn not far from Marquette University High School. I am outraged that this poor African man was racially discriminated against including forced to file a racial discrimination law suit and still receiving nooses by persistent racist white employees. My African Ancestors are crying out over the persistent racial discrimination in the city of Milwaukee deemed in the news the worst place for African Americans to live in the entire country! I am pissed this company allowed such disgusting racial discrimination even after they were nailed with a racial discrimination lawsuit! 😡As both a Native American minority and a descendent of African slaves I witness racial discrimination regularly in this city. My Medicine Woman Mom Hail Eagle 🦅 Woman taught me all four colors red, yellow, black and white of man are each important, sacred, and valuable! All 4 colors each have wisdom to teach each other. Bring back the Medicine Wheel Teachings of Race to Milwaukee which in Potawatomi means Gathering of the Waters!


Wenona Gardner
Wabun Anung Morning Star 🌟



*Trigger Warning Rape, Sexual Assault, Hostage by Gunpoint, Incest, Child Endangerment

I need to talk to you about my baby Mohican sister Jessica who is only 17 living unsupervised custody with my Alcoholic Registered Sex Offender Father who Raped & Sexually Assaulted 4 women in my family including my Aunt Barbie Frank, my Grandmother Carrie Lee Wood, my Sister, and myself. Since because he is a violent alcoholic and a Registered Sex Offender, I do not believe he should have unsupervised custody of Jessica. First Nations Elder Carolyn C. told me to take my grievance to the Wisconsin State Attorney’s Office, the Wisconsin State Legislators, and the Media. So that is why I am publishing this story.

When I was 4 years old in 1977 near 11th Street a couple blocks from a National Ave in Milwaukee, WI, my biological mother Kim Gardner tried to take me and run from my father because she learned my Mohican Father Grady Guy Gardner Jr had been sexually assaulting me to the point of vaginal bleeding which my mother Kim Gardner later would also testify against Grady Guy Gardner Jr in Milwaukee court in 1981 which is a testimony submitted officially to Milwaukee Court. However, my violent alcoholic father Grady got a gun and held me & my mom hostage at gun point including repeatedly firing the gun. I remember shaking every time the gun was fired off & red & blue lights flashing outside my window & police sirens 🚨 that would torture me in PSTD nightmares for the rest of my life. Milwaukee Police came and surrounded the house & my mother’s father Grandfather Lee Dillman was called, he entered the house, and talked Grady down to surrender the gun and Grady was hauled by Milwaukee police. Grady is a violent alcoholic repeat serial rapist and sexual predator of women. This is why Jessica should not be living unsupervised custody of my father Grady.

I am ready to do this and report him to media and state legislators & state attorney, but fear taking this story to this public level will be such a stressful journey that it will shake my sobriety to the core.

So I am coming right and saying the Milwaukee and Franklin Police, Milwaukee Child Welfare, and the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribe under the leadership of President Shannon Holsey have failed to do everything to protect my Mohican baby sister Jessica from our sexual predator Mohican father Grady Guy Gardner Jr.

I can not bear the thought that Jessica might get abused the same way Grady abused me, my Aunt, my Grandma, and sister. Please pray for the safety and protection of my baby sister Jessica. #ProtectJessica

Our Father Grady Guy Gardner Jr Registered Sex Offender for Sexually Assaulting me (Wenona Lee Gardner) from ages 2 years old – 15 years for 14 years convicted by my testimony in Milwaukee Court at 16 years old in 1989. However, Grady Guy Gardner Jr never served time for sexually assaulting
my Aunt Barbie Frank,
my Grandmother Carrie Lee Wood, my sister, or for my rape & sexual assault by Grady between ages 2 and 8 years old as submitted into court testimony by my mother Kim Gardner in 1981.

Artist’s Way Circle Celebrating 20 Years

Artist’s Way Circle is celebrating 🥳 20 years offering FREE Artist’s Way and Julia Cameron’s courses in face to face clusters throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha, Wisconsin, and online via Yahoo! & Facebook for thousands of Artists Internationally over the last 2 decades since May 28, 2000. Artist’s Way Circle was created as a safe creative space for Artists. Founder Wenona Gardner is a Native American Artist of the Mohican Tribe who was a BFA Art Student of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) 1997-1999, member of the UWM American Indian Student Association, and winner of the George Armour Art Indian Scholarship receiving an Honor Song at Indian Summer Festival Winter Pow Wow. Drawing 101 student of Professor Joseph Boblick currently at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Wenona Gardner has also worked in mental health specialized in answering crisis and suicide calls as a Native American Certified Peer Support and Wellness Specialist crosstrained in both Nebraska and Wisconsin since 2006 for the last 14 years.

Artist’s Way Circle is a Living Memorial in the loving 💕 memory of #RIP Blackfoot Native American Artist University Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student and Rufus King High School class of 1982 Stephen Nemacheck (August 16, 1964-March 18, 2000) who suffered and died tragically alone by suicide. Survived by sister Lisa Nemacheck who participated in the American Foundation of Prevention of Suicide’s Out of the Darkness Walk in honor of her brother Steve.

Interested in Artist’s Way Circle and celebrating the life of Blackfoot Artist Stephen Nemacheck contact:

Artist’s Way Circle Founder
Artist & CPSWS Wenona Gardner
1032 E Knapp St
Apt #409-A
Milwaukee, WI 53202

It Is Time To Talk About Reparations!


My name is Wenona Gardner and Wenona is the Native American word for “First Daughter.” My Indian name is Wabun Anung Morning Star which means “A Sign of Hope and the Coming Of New Dawn” according to my Medicine Woman Hail Eagle Woman who had a vision for my name. I am from the Wolf Clan which are the Pathfinders and Teachers.  Feb 10, 2019 Medicine Woman Hail Eagle Woman crossed over and I was appointed to take her place as Medicine Woman. I am the Founder of the Milwaukee Native American Circle.

I am a CEO of the White Turtle Rainbow Native American Company. I am a Native American Independent 2020 Presidential Candidate.

White Turtle Rainbow is a Multinational firm and to stay competitive in information & technology I need to comprehend the forces of Globalization. As a Presidential Candidate I need to stay on top of the trends in the Global economy for our country which my Medicine Woman Mom Hail Eagle 🦅calls Turtle Island. I care about prosperity for all of Turtle Island including the 575 Federally recognized sovereign nations.

Native Americans historically prospered with no debt, prisons, etc and freely traveled throughout all of this country which we call Turtle Island traveling freely back and forth into what we call today Canada and Mexico since we had no boundaries according to my Medicine Woman Mom. She said Native Americans from Mexico area coming the US area were not considered illegal immigrants and the same of First Nations from Canada area into the US. There were no passports and no check points. Trade was conducted freely throughout Canada, US, and Mexico by the Native Americans she said.

However, when Americans murdered 95 million Native Americans during the Native American Holocaust they also stole the blood soaked land of my native people including the plants, animals, and mineral resources according to my Mohican Cousin Elder Don Coyhis. Native Americans were stolen and enslaved as labor according to Don and Medicine Woman Mom.

“The belief that rejection of tradition and of history is a useful response to life is reflected in America’s amazing loss of memory concerning its origins in the matrix and context of Native America. America does not seem to remember that it derived its wealth, its values, its food, much of its medicine, and a large part of its “dream” from Native America. It is ignorant of the genesis of its culture in this Native American land, and that ignorance helps to perpetuate the longstanding European, and Middle Eastern monotheistic, hierarchical, patriarchal cultures’ oppression of women, gays, and lesbians, people of color, working class, unemployed people, and the elderly. Hardly anyone in America speculated that the constitutional system of government might be as much a product of American Indian ideas and practices as of colonial American and Anglo-European revolutionary fervor.” (Allen, 1992).

My Medicine Woman Mom talked about our African Ancestors in particular my Ancestor Benjamin Welch a slave from Nigeria were brought to US from Northern built ships which Americans exploited.  She also talked about how our Jewish Ancestors were also murdered during the Jewish Holocaust. So she said my family have been through 3 Holocausts and my Native American, African, and Jewish Ancestors all gone through slavery at the hands of US and other World Governments.

The US and other Governments globally murdered then stole their assets and land and enslaved my ancestors which US and other governments profited from. Honestly, the US owes my Native American and African people repatriations. UN declared that the US subjected the Native American people to genocide and has ordered the US to honor the treaties as International Law of the Land and to give back the stolen Native American lands according to my Medicine Woman Mom. (Toth, 2017).

As a CEO & a Presidential Candidate I have to acknowledge the truth of where the US got it’s wealth from murder, theft, and enslavement. As an enrolled Mohican with a total of 5 sovereign tribes in my blood I care about the prosperity of mine and the rest of the 575 federally recognized tribes beyond just the recent casino industry of some tribes to be able to compete in the global market. I believe we need to have an honest conversation where the US really got its wealth and financial structure and it’s need to make reparations to Native Americans and African Americans which is long overdue.

Wenona Gardner

Morning Star 🌟


Allen, Paula Gunn. The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions. Beacon Press. Boston. 1992. Page 211.

Oral Tradition:

Mohican Elder Don Coyhis Founder of White Bison and Wellbriety Movement.

Mohican Medicine Woman Wambli Wasu Winyan Hail Eagle Woman Eleanor Marie Monteen.

Toth, Gyorgy. The Converstion. September 20, 2017. “Native Americans Won A Vital Battle At UN 40 Years Ago They Need Help Again.”


30 Native American News & Art Blog Posts for NaNoWriMo in November

NaNoWriMo is celebrating their 20 year Anniversary! NaNoWriMo is the challenge to write 50,000 words in the month of November. Since November is also the Native American Heritage Month, I have decided that I am writing 30 Native American News and Art Blog Posts here at for NaNoWriMo. If you are writing during NaNoWriMo I could use a writing buddy. Add me at NaNo username Wenona_Gardner

I am enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribal Nation. I am also a Professional Member of the Native American Journalist Association. I am CEO of White Turtle Rainbow and Founder of the Mohican Forever Facebook Group.

Mohican Forever!


Living Memorial: Artist’s Way Circle

Artist’s Way Circle was founded in May 20, 2000 as a living Memorial to my best friend & fellow UWM Student Steve Nemacheck who committed suicide March 5, 2000. Steve was a Blackfoot Artist Student at University of Wisconsin of Milwaukee with me who had PTSD after a major car accident. Steve’s wife left him and he ended up hospitalized, but as soon as he was released Steve committed suicide. I never got to say goodbye! I created this Artist’s Way Circle for a safe place for artists to come in the sacred circle so they will never be alone. I am a Certified Peer Support and Wellness Specialist trained in answering mental health & suicide calls with Safe Harbor crisis center with Community Alliance.

If you would like to check out our Artist’s Way Circle