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Luxury of Kindness

I got a couple of those Facebook Memories today that I’m glad I wrote. I’m grateful I saw them this morning, and I want to share them. November 5, 2018 I wrote this yesterday on my tumblr thing. I’m sharing it here for anyone who struggles with the same things I do. I’m having a […]

whenever possible, be the person you need(ed) in your life

November is Native American Heritage Month. I am reflecting on what you shared here Wil Wheaton about your belief to be kind. That is truly a wonderful value, but how can I be kind knowing the Native American Holocaust continues today & confirmed by the UN which states the US is committing Genocide & the Native Americans’ land be returned? I try to be a person who is kind but this situation makes me angry.

I am the direct Descendant of Mohican Chief John Konkapot and I am upset when I read he sacrificed our Mohican Language & Spiritual beliefs to convert our whole Tribe to Christianity in order to get the English & Education to survive. How can I be kind knowing I can not speak or write my Mohican Language? How can I be kind knowing The Bible was shoved down me and my people’s throats because it was being used as an Emergency life raft? A do or die situation.

I appreciate your value on kindness. But I have had enough of the Native American Holocaust. I disagree with my Ancestor Chief John Konkapot. I think forcing us to lose our Mohican Freedom came at a terrible price to our very Mohican Spirit.

I can not be polite over this loss. I am outraged. I don’t have the freedom or luxury of kindness when I have lost my Mohican language & Mohican Spiritual Freedom and I stand to lose everything.

Blessed Be!
Wenona Gardner

Mohican, Morning Star, Ojibwe, Wabun Anung, Wenona Gardner

Why? Rape Culture!

Mohican Wenona Gardner
Pencil ✏ Drawing “Prayer” by Wenona Gardner
Wenona Gardner aka little Buffy
Wenona Gardner with Youth Group
Wenona Gardner & Alfreda Young WE Indian Counselor at Idle No More Grand Avenue Mall
Mohican Reservation
Mohican, Morning Star, US President Candidate 2024, Wabun Anung, Wenona Gardner

Mohican-7 Celebrating 18 Years

Update: OCTOBER 27, 2021 I am happy to celebrate 18 years of Mohican-7 with all of you. It has been a very challenging journey but many rewards including winning the Grant for Breath of Life Archival Institute of Indigenous Languages in Washington DC. Mohican Forever! – Founder Mohican Wenona Gardner

Twitter: @Mohican7Forever

White Turtle Rainbow – Mohican-7 By Mohican Wenona Gardner

How it Began!

UPDATED:SEP 12, 2018


Technology builds tribal relationship


WAUKESHA, Wis. – Scattered across the continent, living in neighborhoods in rural and urban areas, the Mohican people now connect through a group called Mohican-7, a Wisconsin-based interactive Web site that allows dialogue and language to flow among the tribes.

“Most of the Mohican people do not live on the reservation, but are scattered across the country,” said Wenona Gardner of the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohicans, founder of the group. “There are many Mohican people living in areas especially outside of Wisconsin who want to be connected to their tribe to learn its language, culture, arts, but never had a means to connect with other Mohicans on a regular basis.”

Gardner, a writer and artist, said that technology can allow the average tribal member to build more positive relationships with their own tribal members that previously were inaccessible due to location. A group such as this allows people to pool their knowledge together on how to help each other accomplish personal and group goals of shared Mohican interests. In just a few months they already have a group of over 700 messages and growing membership of almost 90 members. Members talk about such things as language and genealogy.null

“I believe the Mohican people’s greatest resource is its own people,” she said. “Our nation needed to be talking to each other more on a person-to-person basis.”

Mohican-7 was established on the Internet in September 2003 to bring all Mohicans together regardless of where they live. One member was serving in the military during the Iraq war while still receiving messages via Mohican-7, from home.

The Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians descended from Mohicans and Munsee Delawares who migrated from New York, Pennsylvania and New England to Wisconsin in the 1820s and 1830s. Mohican, originally pronounced Muh-he-con-ne-ok means “People of The Waters That Are Never Still.” They occupied the Upper Hudson River Valley in New York state until the years between 1783 and 1786 when European settlement removed them from their homeland.

“I hate the words ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ and the myth it has perpetuated that the Mohican tribe is dead and has been for a long time,” said Gardner. “It is not very life affirming to grow up in a world that repeatedly tells you are suppose to be dead. I thought that a new idea needed to be introduced that projects life of the Mohican people not just today but in the future. What a thought, the Mohican tribe growing and thriving seven generations from now, like in the year 2300.”

Gardner’s interest in language began when she was in her teens and wanted to write a poem using her tribe’s language.

“Language is alive. It’s organic. It is born from the spirit and minds of the people. It is spoken from their breath,” said Gardner. “In my eyes the words are like golden threads weaving us all together. Having the opportunity to use the words of my ancestors are like golden heirlooms.”

Her interest led her to work on Schmick’s Mahican Dictionary, edited by Carl Masthay in 1991. Looking for ways to use language in her day-to-day life, she formed the group and brought Masthay on board. Gardner is also turning Schmick’s dictionary into electronic database to use in teaching Mohican-7 members from the American Philosophical Society.

“I created a language experiment called Keeper of the Word,” she said. “Each member picks a single word to learn and dedicate to teaching others for their entire life. People can use their word in creative ways such as part of the signature of their email, on their profile or part of a poem.”

This activity engages people in taking an interest in the language one word at a time and encourages sharing it with others at the same time. Language is meant to be used for community involvement, Gardner said.

Communication is daily and ongoing. This group is interactive in a way that lets people upload pictures of their families, files including music, the language database, polls, and the message archives. Questions, geneology requests, debates and birthday cards are shared by members ranging from children to elders. There is a designated chat time each week. Subjects include the Mo he con nuk Confederacy, Woodland Indians, Algonquin, Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohicans, Hudson River Valley Housatonic, Wisconsin New York tribes, Mohican language, Mohican government, Mohican Constitution and Mohican arts.

“Using online groups to provide tribal members the opportunity to get to know each other, share events, knowledge, wisdom, articles, and personal insights is not just good for the individual tribal members but the tribe as a whole,” said Gardner. “I believe creating this group helps the Mohican nation, and using the Internet in this way can help other Native nations work better towards achieving common goals through increasing communication.”

What is nice about the Internet is that you can use it for free to create and can include tribal members who may not make it to the reservation often enough to talk about matters on a regular basis, Gardner said.

Gardner visited different Native language classes to observe how other Native nations were teaching their Native languages. She said that having the opportunity to interact with others is important in learning a second language.

“Factor in that of the 1,500 enrolled tribal members, 1,100 members live off reservation, something unique needs to be done to connect these people to each other,” Gardner said. “The web I find is a good way to connect on this language topic. There are a lot of articles on what Native people are doing to resurrect their languages. I study them and send the most intriguing ones to the group.”

One of the consistent compliments she said she receives about this group is that it’s much needed.

“I agree,” she said. “We need to see our tribe as more than just a reservation and include all of its members who live off reservation.”

For more information, contact

Wenona Gardner

Twitter: @Mohican7Forever


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Asking for Prayers for the 1st Enrolled Native American Woman to Officially Run for US President


As of New Moon October 6, 2021 I am officially registered with the FEC as an Independent US President Candidate from Milwaukee, WI for 2024. I am Officially the 1st Enrolled Native American Woman from Stockbridge-Munsee Band Band of Mohican Tribe to Run for US President 2020 and 2024 in US History. 

My FEC President Candidate ID:  P40006587. I Pray for my Ancestor Mohican Chief Konkapot of the Turkey Clan to Protect, Guide, & Walk With Me on this Spiritual & Healing Journey. I have already completed 1,075 hours of Daily Prayer & Healing Ceremony since Sept 11, 2018. I continue to do daily Ceremony as taught to me by my Medicine Mom Wambli Wasu Winyan – Hail Eagle Woman going forward. 

As a Certified Peer Support & Wellness Specialist & Trauma Survivor, I strongly believe we need Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Across the Entire Country.  Part of TIC must include healing Historical Trauma of Native American people from ongoing Genocide through prioritizing Native American Language Restoration, MMIW, Every Child Matters, Wellbriety, etc.

Can I count on you to be my friend who I can share my Campaign Journey with? 

I always accept written prayers too.

              Chi Miigwetch 

         To All My Relations

               Blessed Be! 

       Wenona Gardner 2024

    Wabun Anung –

Morning Star 

               A Sign of Hope. 

               A Coming of A 

                  New Dawn.

Artist's Way, Mohican, Morning Star, Native American Witch, Ojibwe, Wabun Anung, Wenona Gardner

“Dancing Until Daylight” Written By Wenona Gardner DJ Celestial Buffy Dedicated to DJ NOSAJ Jason D Raymond

Waabanishimo – Dance Until Daylight

By DJ Celestial Buffy Wenona Gardner

Dedicated to DJ NOSAJ Jason D Raymond

Sunday February 14, 2021 Valentine’s Day

Ni gawa Zaagi’ idiwin

I fell in love

Anishnabe Gidge Migwa DJ NOSAJ

With an Ojibwe DJ NOSAJ

Amajise Geshkozini Bawaagjiigan

Come Awake My Dream


He Plays Music

Madewe Wetoon

He Makes Sounds


He Dances Away

Wiijsh Motaw Wabun Anung

Dance With Me Morning Star


I love you – open into me.

Gii Chii Migwetch

A Very Big Thank You

Gizah gin

I love you


Shooting Star



When 95 Million of Your Family & People Is Murdered Right In Front of You Plus All Their Blood Soaked Land Is Stolen Right From Under You & All Your Children & Grandchildren… Then You Will Have Something Really Tragic To Cry About!

Let me put it this way. Corvid-19 has so far resulted in about over 135, 000 people dead 💀 globally. Honestly, this is not the worst in history! The worst in history was the Native American Genocide Holocaust by the hands of Christian Americans resulted in 95 million Native Americans murdered in cold blood including native kids, native elders, and native pregnant women carrying native unborn babies using blankets purposely infected with germ warfare with small pox according to Mohican Elder Don Coyhis on purpose! Plus the same Christian murderers and their spoiled cry baby offspring children stole the native people’s land that was still soaked with those native blood 🩸! 95 million native people murdered and their land stolen is a real tragedy to cry about! When Corvid-19 reaches 95 million people dead 💀 then I would agree you have something REAL to cry about! None of Texas or any State belongs to you! Texas and all the 50 states in the US belongs rightfully to the Native Americans not you according to the UN! I will say it again get a grip and put it into perspective! You have not suffered til 95 million of your family and your people get murdered in front of you macaroni and cheese Netflix watching ungrateful brats!cropped-cb4d1ecb-c4c4-4b75-96e0-140fd4260913-4.jpeg


Bring Back 9 Support Groups Gerald L Ignace Health Center


Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center, Inc. No you are not! When I lost my mom and her Memorial was May 4 and on Sunday May 5 was the #MMIW Indigenous Awareness Day I did A virtual run 🏃🏻‍♀️ wearing my Red Dress and when I reached my church near Marquette two men sexually assaulted me and robbed me a $1700 IPad Pro with my Master’s Thesis so I was not able to get My MA New Media Journalism degree from Full Sail University and they sexually assaulted me on the church steps calling me a Native MILF saying they wanted to rape me! So what did your Wasicu psychologist do? He removed all my supports including Wellbriety, 12 step, AODA, and My AODA Counselor a DANNY Preston, and took away 2 talking Circles including Women’s Talking Circles, the Grief Support, and Circles of Strength ALL AT ONCE with no substitution. And you know what happened? Your Wasicu Psychologist MADE ME SUICIDAL! Even as a Certified Peer Support Specialist with 14 years working with NAMI, SAINTA and Lutheran Social Services! Learn from the harm you caused me to the point of suicide! Bring back 9 person support groups or more native people will commit suicide!


Native American Grandmother Assaulted by 4 Black Men in their 30s at Capitol Walmart in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Whose Staff Refused To Call 911 for Police!

Native American Grandmother Assaulted by 4 Black Men at the Capitol Walmart Whose Staff Refused to Call 911 for Police!
Thank God for protecting me!

Last night I was just assaulted by 4 black men at Walmart for wearing a Dr ordered N95 mask to keep me from dying from the Coronavirus because my immune system is compromised from diabetes! Walmart staff and manger refused to call 911 for the 🚔 police! Even when I specifically asked for them to call 911!

The 1st hero of the night was Melissa from my Insurance United Health Care Special Needs who while on the phone heard Walmart staff members flat out refuse to call 911, Melissa took it upon herself to call 911 from outside the state of Wisconsin. Thank you Melissa UnitedHealthCare for calling 911. I am calling my insurance to let her boss know Melissa deserves a raise! 🏅

Another hero was Milwaukee Officer 👮‍♀️ District 6 Badge #2329 who came to my rescue and searched for the 4 perpetrators at Walmart and personally escorted me out of Walmart and through the Parking lot so I could safely get home! You Sir deserve a medal 🏅! I am calling District 6 police 🚔 to praise officer Badge #2329 to let his Supervising Sergeant know about his above and beyond work!

😡Wearing the N94 mask 😷 in the street made me targeted for violence! Please learn from this experience! Carry your masks with you when you are in the streets but do not put them on your face in the streets because you can become targeted for violence like I was! I don’t want to die from the Covid-19 virus 🦠 or random gang street violence!

Let’s love 💕 and take care of each other!

💕 Love,

Wenona Gardner
Native American from the Mohican Tribe
Descendant of African Slavescropped-86003ad6-9519-47b5-b87f-f755a9e95dff-1.jpeg


Bring Back the Medicine Wheel Teachings! Response to Milwaukee Shooting 2-26-2020

I am Wenona Gardner and I am enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation and a descendent of African slaves. I regularly go to the Indian Council of Elderly for lunch 3 times every week near 33rd & Kilbourn not far from Marquette University High School. I am outraged that this poor African man was racially discriminated against including forced to file a racial discrimination law suit and still receiving nooses by persistent racist white employees. My African Ancestors are crying out over the persistent racial discrimination in the city of Milwaukee deemed in the news the worst place for African Americans to live in the entire country! I am pissed this company allowed such disgusting racial discrimination even after they were nailed with a racial discrimination lawsuit! 😡As both a Native American minority and a descendent of African slaves I witness racial discrimination regularly in this city. My Medicine Woman Mom Hail Eagle 🦅 Woman taught me all four colors red, yellow, black and white of man are each important, sacred, and valuable! All 4 colors each have wisdom to teach each other. Bring back the Medicine Wheel Teachings of Race to Milwaukee which in Potawatomi means Gathering of the Waters!


Wenona Gardner
Wabun Anung Morning Star 🌟