Native American Witch

Native American Witches Growing

As the amount of witches is growing and at an all time high, so is growing Native American Witches. Skipper Gill is Lakota and a Native American Witch who leads a circle of witches and teaches classes on witchcraft. Skipper also sees within his witch's circle an increasing amount of Native American Witches. “Well, I… Continue reading Native American Witches Growing

Native American Witch

Storytelling Heals Movement

Native Hope is a nonprofit organization that created a movement among the Native American community promoting the healing process through storytelling hence the formation of Storytelling Heals. The Storytelling Heals movement was first launched during the National Native American Heritage Month. Since then there has been an outpouring of Native American Stories throughout the country… Continue reading Storytelling Heals Movement

Native American Witch

“Path of the Morning Star” Dedications

I am dedicating my book "Path of the Morning Star" a book of hope for artists from a Native American perspective to my all time favorite teacher Mr. Gabe Ceci. Mr Ceci was my 9th grade Honors English Teacher and Home Room Teacher from Riverside University High School. Mr Ceci blew me away with his… Continue reading “Path of the Morning Star” Dedications