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Asking for Prayers for the 1st Enrolled Native American Woman to Officially Run for US President


As of New Moon October 6, 2021 I am officially registered with the FEC as an Independent US President Candidate from Milwaukee, WI for 2024. I am Officially the 1st Enrolled Native American Woman from Stockbridge-Munsee Band Band of Mohican Tribe to Run for US President 2020 and 2024 in US History. 

My FEC President Candidate ID:  P40006587. I Pray for my Ancestor Mohican Chief Konkapot of the Turkey Clan to Protect, Guide, & Walk With Me on this Spiritual & Healing Journey. I have already completed 1,075 hours of Daily Prayer & Healing Ceremony since Sept 11, 2018. I continue to do daily Ceremony as taught to me by my Medicine Mom Wambli Wasu Winyan – Hail Eagle Woman going forward. 

As a Certified Peer Support & Wellness Specialist & Trauma Survivor, I strongly believe we need Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Across the Entire Country.  Part of TIC must include healing Historical Trauma of Native American people from ongoing Genocide through prioritizing Native American Language Restoration, MMIW, Every Child Matters, Wellbriety, etc.

Can I count on you to be my friend who I can share my Campaign Journey with? 

I always accept written prayers too.

              Chi Miigwetch 

         To All My Relations

               Blessed Be! 

       Wenona Gardner 2024

    Wabun Anung –

Morning Star 

               A Sign of Hope. 

               A Coming of A 

                  New Dawn.

Native American Witch

NOTICE: My Twitter Account @WenonaGardner20 has been Hacked. Go to my New Twitter Account & Phone Number @WenonaGardner24 (414)308-8640

Ever since I announced my US President Campaign 2020 in 2018 I have been nailed to the cross by hackers on all social media. As an Independent US Presidential Candidate, I can not catch a break!

Now that I announced November 4, 2020 on Twitter I am also running for US President 2024, I find I am locked out of my WenonaGardner20 Twitter account and lost my (414)391-0565 Business Number. So I moved to WenonaGardner24 on Twitter and my new Business Number is (414)308-8640

New Business Address

Committee to Elect Wenona Gardner for US President

Campaign Office

2304 S 66th St

Suite 5

West Allis, WI 53219


Committee is growing. Thank you all who expressed interest. We still have a few seats open. Please email or call if you are interested.

Wenona Gardner

1st Enrolled Native American Woman to Run for US President 2020 and 2024.