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I am sharing ‘Enigma’ with you

Enigma by Wenona Gardner was written in November 2008 & is my 1st NaNoWriMo Novel Draft I ever wrote 13 years ago. I have been holding onto this story but my Spirit Guide has told me to release it to the world today as is for Halloween. This is a Supernatural Romance Story. In Loving Memory to my Soul mate Steve Nemacheck who loved me unconditionally…& who I quietly loved. Steve was Blackfoot and a UWM Art Student in my class. I never told Steve I loved him because he was married & I wanted to respect his marriage. I lost Steve when he committed Suicide March 18 2000. I blamed myself because I never told Steve I loved him. I keep thinking if I only told Steve I loved him he might still be alive today. May 28 2000 I started the Artist’s Way Circle as a Living Memorial to Steve B Nemacheck. My character Sam in Enigma is inspired by my Steve. Blessed Be! This story is dedicated to my Mohican Brother Golden Eagle who when I asked him the secret to writing he told me to write everyday. For the last 14 years I have written over 874,270 words via NaNoWriMo. Chi Miigwetch my Mohican Brother. This book is also dedicated to my Riverside University High School Honors English teacher Mr Gabe Ceci who dared me to publish a Book. So here is your published book…Enigma by Wenonalee Raymond Published October 26, 2021. Most importantly this story is dedicated to Julia Cameron & through the Artist’s Way Circle I created inspired by her book “The Artist’s Way” helped me to grieve losing my Soul Mate in College at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. * Trigger Warning: Suicide

Published by White Turtle Rainbow 🌈 Publishing Copyright (C) October 26, 2021

White Turtle Rainbow 🌈 Publishing
Blessed Be My Lord!
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My Milwaukee Mayor Candidacy Documents with ID. Registered Write-IN Candidate for Feb 15, 2022 Primary Elections. With Identifiction

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Asking for Prayers for the 1st Enrolled Native American Woman to Officially Run for US President


As of New Moon October 6, 2021 I am officially registered with the FEC as an Independent US President Candidate from Milwaukee, WI for 2024. I am Officially the 1st Enrolled Native American Woman from Stockbridge-Munsee Band Band of Mohican Tribe to Run for US President 2020 and 2024 in US History. 

My FEC President Candidate ID:  P40006587. I Pray for my Ancestor Mohican Chief Konkapot of the Turkey Clan to Protect, Guide, & Walk With Me on this Spiritual & Healing Journey. I have already completed 1,075 hours of Daily Prayer & Healing Ceremony since Sept 11, 2018. I continue to do daily Ceremony as taught to me by my Medicine Mom Wambli Wasu Winyan – Hail Eagle Woman going forward. 

As a Certified Peer Support & Wellness Specialist & Trauma Survivor, I strongly believe we need Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Across the Entire Country.  Part of TIC must include healing Historical Trauma of Native American people from ongoing Genocide through prioritizing Native American Language Restoration, MMIW, Every Child Matters, Wellbriety, etc.

Can I count on you to be my friend who I can share my Campaign Journey with? 

I always accept written prayers too.

              Chi Miigwetch 

         To All My Relations

               Blessed Be! 

       Wenona Gardner 2024

    Wabun Anung –

Morning Star 

               A Sign of Hope. 

               A Coming of A 

                  New Dawn.

Artist's Way

Walking in This World Check In – April 30, 2012



Greetings fellow travelers, 

This past week I wrote 6/7 Morning Pages. I experimented once and typed my Morning Pages to see how many I could type in 30 minutes. I discovered I could type 1.557 words. I didn’t realize I wrote so much it’s almost the same amount recommended for NaNoWriMo which is 1,667 words per day. I am considering doing a writing streak in May to keep track of how much I write. Between my Morning Pages, my long term goals, and my Map I am working on I want to keep track of my writing progress.  

Someone sent me a challenge to write a blog on a schedule at Blog Me Maybe I am debating about whether or not I want to take on this particular challenge. I know I am already going to be writing a lot without doing daily blogs. Part of me wants to try it though to see what would happen and if traffic to my blog site would increase or not. I am still thinking about this. 

After recommendation of a fellow Artist’s Way Circle member, I downloaded and am trying out Scrivener tool for writers for 30 days. Scrivener is a ring-binder, a scrapbook, a corkboard, an outliner and text editor all rolled into one. So  far, I have imported my “Two Step” novel draft after I read a delicious email from Lindsey Grant of NaNoWriMo about the beauty of revising your novel. I have been reluctant to revise my novel and have put it off for four years since “Two Step” has been written. Hopefully, I can figure out how to break my novel down into smaller pieces. Also, I started another project in Scrivener I am titling My Map that plans my goals for the next five years of my artist journey. Hopefully, with a Map I can better see where I am going. 

My Artist’s Date I have read five chapters in “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. I had previously watched a video series between Oprah and Eckhart Tolle discussing the book. Now I finally have the book and time to read it. I have been making notes in the margins. A synchronicity is that a friend of mine emailed me and said she just received that same book. I raised the idea of us both going through the book together. She said if she had questions she would ask me. 

I walked around my building for 20 minutes. As I walked I loved the crisp air of spring which is my favorite season and is great for walking. I came around the bend and I saw a bunny. 

Issues of recovery is taking baby steps towards my dreams. I don’t have to do everything today. I can make some priorities. I have other writing projects, but I decided My Map is important to me first. 

Warm regards,