Artist's Way

Signing the Creativity Contract


       For me signing the Creativity Contract is most important part of “The Artist’s Way” or “Walking in This World” journey. While yes I am agreeing to use the tools, readings, tasks, and check-ins more importantly I am making a promise to myself to take excellent self care of myself. That I get proper amount of sleep, wholesome nourishing food, and gentle companionship are vital for my creative recovery journey.
I decorated my Creativity Contract and placed it near my computer desk where I can prominently see it. I like the colors because they’re so vibrant and alive. I selected this particular image because of several reasons. It reminded me of the story of Footprints in the Sand. The direction of the foot prints also makes me think of Creator walking towards me or that I am walking closer to myself get to know myself better.
Have you signed your creativity contract? Have you decorated your creative contract and made it your own? Have you hung up your creativity contract where you can see it and remind yourself of your commitment to yourself?


Artist's Way

Walking in this World journey begins Monday March 19, 2012

Starting Mon March 19, 2012 we will be going through

Artist’s Way 2:”Walking In This World” by Julia Cameron.

Check Ins are weekly each Mondays

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Everyone will need to get their own copy of “Walking In This World” by Julia Cameron. Monday March 19 we begin week one together as a group. Then on the following Monday March 26 we as a group do the check in at the end of the chapter by posting check ins at the group site. We go week by week doing each week’s check in on Mondays. Throughout the week members can post questions, insights, and things to share.

Look forward to seeing you there,


Artist's Way

How I begin this Artist’s Way journey

Greetings fellow travelers,

I want to personally thank everybody who participated in the process for developing and selecting the theme for this Artist’s Way journey. That includes all those who offered suggestions, brainstormed, created artwork, reviewed, and voted for the selection. Great job The Artist’s Way Circle of Yahoo!, Facebook, and Wurlwind. The votes are all in and Congratulations to The Artist’s Way Circle on Facebook for creating and submitting the winning Artist’s Way journey theme:

Efflorescence: Blooming from the Ashes.

Special thanks goes out to The Artist’s Way Circle on Facebook Co-Moderator Kim Whelan Gonzalez for doing the pencil drawing and coloring the sketch for this year’s theme.

Suggestions to implement the theme

1. Add to signature on email
2. Talk to members in and outside of the circle about the topic of rebirth
3. Study the symbols of phoenix and rebirth
4. Look for art, articles, websites, books, movies, videos, songs, poetry prayers on the topic.
5. Create art, articles, websites, books, movies, videos, songs, poetry prayers on the topic.
6. Pray on the theme.
7. Meditate on the theme.
8. Color the pencil drawing of the logo.
9. Ask yourself what does rebirth mean to you?

So we shall carry the theme forward for the next 12 weeks.