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Walking in This World Check In – April 30, 2012



Greetings fellow travelers, 

This past week I wrote 6/7 Morning Pages. I experimented once and typed my Morning Pages to see how many I could type in 30 minutes. I discovered I could type 1.557 words. I didn’t realize I wrote so much it’s almost the same amount recommended for NaNoWriMo which is 1,667 words per day. I am considering doing a writing streak in May to keep track of how much I write. Between my Morning Pages, my long term goals, and my Map I am working on I want to keep track of my writing progress.  

Someone sent me a challenge to write a blog on a schedule at Blog Me Maybe I am debating about whether or not I want to take on this particular challenge. I know I am already going to be writing a lot without doing daily blogs. Part of me wants to try it though to see what would happen and if traffic to my blog site would increase or not. I am still thinking about this. 

After recommendation of a fellow Artist’s Way Circle member, I downloaded and am trying out Scrivener tool for writers for 30 days. Scrivener is a ring-binder, a scrapbook, a corkboard, an outliner and text editor all rolled into one. So  far, I have imported my “Two Step” novel draft after I read a delicious email from Lindsey Grant of NaNoWriMo about the beauty of revising your novel. I have been reluctant to revise my novel and have put it off for four years since “Two Step” has been written. Hopefully, I can figure out how to break my novel down into smaller pieces. Also, I started another project in Scrivener I am titling My Map that plans my goals for the next five years of my artist journey. Hopefully, with a Map I can better see where I am going. 

My Artist’s Date I have read five chapters in “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. I had previously watched a video series between Oprah and Eckhart Tolle discussing the book. Now I finally have the book and time to read it. I have been making notes in the margins. A synchronicity is that a friend of mine emailed me and said she just received that same book. I raised the idea of us both going through the book together. She said if she had questions she would ask me. 

I walked around my building for 20 minutes. As I walked I loved the crisp air of spring which is my favorite season and is great for walking. I came around the bend and I saw a bunny. 

Issues of recovery is taking baby steps towards my dreams. I don’t have to do everything today. I can make some priorities. I have other writing projects, but I decided My Map is important to me first. 

Warm regards,