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I am sharing ‘Enigma’ with you

Enigma by Wenona Gardner was written in November 2008 & is my 1st NaNoWriMo Novel Draft I ever wrote 13 years ago. I have been holding onto this story but my Spirit Guide has told me to release it to the world today as is for Halloween. This is a Supernatural Romance Story. In Loving Memory to my Soul mate Steve Nemacheck who loved me unconditionally…& who I quietly loved. Steve was Blackfoot and a UWM Art Student in my class. I never told Steve I loved him because he was married & I wanted to respect his marriage. I lost Steve when he committed Suicide March 18 2000. I blamed myself because I never told Steve I loved him. I keep thinking if I only told Steve I loved him he might still be alive today. May 28 2000 I started the Artist’s Way Circle as a Living Memorial to Steve B Nemacheck. My character Sam in Enigma is inspired by my Steve. Blessed Be! This story is dedicated to my Mohican Brother Golden Eagle who when I asked him the secret to writing he told me to write everyday. For the last 14 years I have written over 874,270 words via NaNoWriMo. Chi Miigwetch my Mohican Brother. This book is also dedicated to my Riverside University High School Honors English teacher Mr Gabe Ceci who dared me to publish a Book. So here is your published book…Enigma by Wenonalee Raymond Published October 26, 2021. Most importantly this story is dedicated to Julia Cameron & through the Artist’s Way Circle I created inspired by her book “The Artist’s Way” helped me to grieve losing my Soul Mate in College at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. * Trigger Warning: Suicide

Published by White Turtle Rainbow 🌈 Publishing Copyright (C) October 26, 2021

White Turtle Rainbow 🌈 Publishing
Blessed Be My Lord!
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My Milwaukee Mayor Candidacy Documents with ID. Registered Write-IN Candidate for Feb 15, 2022 Primary Elections. With Identifiction

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Luxury of Kindness

I got a couple of those Facebook Memories today that I’m glad I wrote. I’m grateful I saw them this morning, and I want to share them. November 5, 2018 I wrote this yesterday on my tumblr thing. I’m sharing it here for anyone who struggles with the same things I do. I’m having a […]

whenever possible, be the person you need(ed) in your life

November is Native American Heritage Month. I am reflecting on what you shared here Wil Wheaton about your belief to be kind. That is truly a wonderful value, but how can I be kind knowing the Native American Holocaust continues today & confirmed by the UN which states the US is committing Genocide & the Native Americans’ land be returned? I try to be a person who is kind but this situation makes me angry.

I am the direct Descendant of Mohican Chief John Konkapot and I am upset when I read he sacrificed our Mohican Language & Spiritual beliefs to convert our whole Tribe to Christianity in order to get the English & Education to survive. How can I be kind knowing I can not speak or write my Mohican Language? How can I be kind knowing The Bible was shoved down me and my people’s throats because it was being used as an Emergency life raft? A do or die situation.

I appreciate your value on kindness. But I have had enough of the Native American Holocaust. I disagree with my Ancestor Chief John Konkapot. I think forcing us to lose our Mohican Freedom came at a terrible price to our very Mohican Spirit.

I can not be polite over this loss. I am outraged. I don’t have the freedom or luxury of kindness when I have lost my Mohican language & Mohican Spiritual Freedom and I stand to lose everything.

Blessed Be!
Wenona Gardner