Artist's Way, US President Candidate 2024

The US & Mother Earth Need a Native American Artist in the White House

After being an Artist’s Way Teacher for 22 yrs, I truly believe that our country & world need the Artist’s Way to Heal the Trauma of global Genocides we all experience as Survivors & Witnesses. We need a Native American Artist in the White House to heal Turtle Island & Mother Earth

Mohican, Morning Star, Ojibwe, Wabun Anung, Wenona Gardner

Why? Rape Culture!

Mohican Wenona Gardner
Pencil ✏ Drawing “Prayer” by Wenona Gardner
Wenona Gardner aka little Buffy
Wenona Gardner with Youth Group
Wenona Gardner & Alfreda Young WE Indian Counselor at Idle No More Grand Avenue Mall
Mohican Reservation
Artist's Way, Committee to Elect Wenona Gardner for US President 2024, Morning Star, Native American Witch, Ojibwe, Oneida, US President Candidate 2024

HELP! My Tribes Are Facing Extinction From Ongoing Genocide!

White Turtle Rainbow – Mohican-7 By Wenona Gardner

As a Native American enrolled in the Mohican and also from Oneida, Brothertown, Narragansett, and Ojibwe Tribes ….all I see is the Genocide that is still going on today. All around me. And it kills my spirit.

I remember being a guest speaker at UWM and telling younger Native American kids in school my college experience. And I explained I am from the Mohican Tribe. This person came up to me afterwards and told me to my face that I couldn’t be Mohican because the Mohican Tribe is extinct. I hate the movie & the book Last of Mohicans because they glorify Genocide of my Mohican Tribe set to a catchy Soundtrack. And my soul bleeds.

My Mohican Tribe is facing extinction today due to ongoing Genocide. So I got off my couch and decided to run for office. I am a Daughter of a Medicine Woman Wambli Wasu Winyan – Hail Eagle Woman. I am a Grand Daughter of Chief John Konkapot an American Revolutionary War Hero who helped create this country serving as Captain in George Washington’s Army. I am a Native American Witch whose greatest strength is my Spirit.

Building on my Strength of Spirit, I have committed to praying an hour each day to heal our country but also our Mother Earth. So far I have prayed 1,075 hours. I have a Prayer Circle. I would like to invite you to pray with me for our country & all Mother Earth in whatever way you believe in.

Chi Miigwetch
Wenona Gardner

1st Enrolled Native American Woman for US President 2020 & 2024