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Dear Leonard Peltier from Wenona Gardner 1st Enrolled Native American Woman to Run for US President 2024

Boozhoo Leonard,

My name is Wenona Lee Gardner enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Tribal Nation. My Medicine name is Wabun Anung which in Ojibwe means Morning Star 🌟. I am Daughter of Medicine Woman Wambli Wasu Winyan Hail Eagle Woman who had the Vision for my name. She said I was named after the Planet Venus. That I was “A Sign of Hope. And A Coming of A New Dawn.” I am the 1st Enrolled Native American Woman to Run for US President. My Independent Party is the White Turtle Rainbow Party. Turtle because of Mother Earth.

Sir since 1989 since I was 16 years old I have been praying for you. I have not forgotten you. I told my Wellbriety Facilitator Apache/Ojibwe Danny Preston from the Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center in Milwaukee, WI during Wellbriety Circle that as President my Hope is to Free you.

I would love to talk to you.

Wenona Gardner
Wabun Anung – Morning Star 🌟

1st Enrolled Native American Woman to Run for US President 2024

Message Sent to Leonard Peltier December 9, 2021 at 9:35 AM CST
Native American Witch

Prayers for Healing for Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center & Milwaukee Native American Women and Girls

White Turtle Rainbow Movement: Standing Up For #SurvivorRights #MMIW

WARNING if you are Sexually Assaulted do NOT go to Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center @GLIIHC I’m a Certified Peer Support & Wellness Specialist worked in mental health for 15 yrs at NAMI @NAMICommunicate, SaintA @SaintAorg Lutheran Social Services @LutheranSvcs, and Community Alliance @Comm_Alliance & Trauma Informed Care Trained by @TGSaintARC TIC Senior Trainer Tim Grove

5-5-19 #MMIW Awareness Day I was sexually assaulted, called Native MILF, I had a Rape Kit, & Police said they were just “flirting!” What was worse was @GLIIHC offered no services for me from 9 men who assaulted me in 2019- 2020! They wonder why I’m mad!

Not once did @GLIIHC Sexual Assault Nurse Allie Wayward talk to me 2019-2020 about any of Assaults from the 9 men. Not even before I reported I had no choice but to go get a rape kit at Aurora Sinai Samaitan Hospital. Allie also said I can NEVER have access to ANY of my 42 years of medical records with the clinic when I asked to have access to my records. I asked for my medical records in March 2020 and have yet to receive a single page of any of my official records from Allie.

Not once did @GLIIHC Kathy LaRoque Sexual Assault Violence Counselor of Circles of Strength ever talked to me from 2019-2020 when the Assaults from 9 men occurred. Kathy also violated my HIPPA.

Winner Butler is not a Sexual Assault Or Trauma Specialist despite what she has been reported to the state according to Dr Singh. Offered no service. Also she sat on my medical release papers for 8 months that Emma Thomas Trauma Specialist from Aurora Sinai Samaritan Hospital thereby blocking Emma to get me a outside Sexual Assault Trauma Therapist.

Deborah Black Ignace of @GLIIHC despite my Primary Doctor Mike Blaschke said to me do not sign Ignace’s papers they are illegal & I have a right to an attorney, she put a metaphor gun to my head & said no lawyer, broke my HIPPA, told me I had to sign 6/3 her illegal papers when I had til 6/5 according to the letter she gave me.

Deborah Black Ignace on 6/3/20 also disrespected my Mohican Elder Grandpa Lee Dillman 87 years old who witnessed her say I don’t deserve an attorney, violated my HIPPA, & threatened me to sign her illegal papers on 6/3/2020 when her own letter say I had til 6/5/20 Grandpa said “Ignace Clinic has turned Wicked! Such Evil!”

On June 1 2019 I had written a formal grievance letter which the @GLIIHC website stated would be heard, follow grievance procedure, & claimed there would be no retaliation. Dr Ignace didn’t follow his own grievance policy I was denied to talk to Administrator Maurice James, Lyle & the entire Board & they all Retaliated. My written grievance was never dealt with even though HR confirmed they did receive my complaint. I spent a year following their grievance policy trying to be heard with no success.

If an Indian Clinic offers no services during a crisis of 9 assaults & you file a written grievance is ignored & they do not talk to you & they retaliate against you including not listening to their own Dr Blaschke who said don’t sign Ignace’s paper can you see how that is upsetting?

WARNING if you are Sexually Assaulted do NOT go to Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center @GLIIHC I’m a Certified Peer Support & Wellness Specialist worked in mental health for 15 yrs and Trauma Informed Care. I worked with the best mental health providers and I know professionally Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center Behavioral Health Center is NOT a healthy place for Sexual Assault Victims.

Betsy Cocos & Emma Thomas  Sexual Assault Trauma Specialists at  @SaintAorg & at Aurora Sinai Samaritan Hospital, Christine Crisis Counselor at @RAINN, & Crisis Line & they all agreed with me because of Indian Health Clinic’s neglect in not providing any services during my crisis is wrong! They said write a letter to Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center and get a lawyer.

I pray for healing the same way I pray for healing for my Serial Rapist & Sexual Assault Father who raped & sexually assaulted me for 15 years, my Elder Grandma Carrie Lee Wood, my Aunt Barbie Dillman when she was 12, and my young sister who was 5 which I reported all of this to Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center every time it occured to me and these Native Women in my family.

Gerald L Ignace never did anything to protect us 4 Native Women in my family each and everytime I reported it happening to us to @GLIIHC. Basically Gerald L Ignace Indian Health enabled Serial Rapist Sexual Assault Grady Guy Gardner Jr to hurt 4 Native Women in my family that I know about…and those we don’t know.

I pray Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center reads this letter & understands why I am upset by these injustices to me & the 4 Native Women in my family. I pray for healing for all of us so that no Native Woman has to suffer alone the way @GLIIHC made me, Gamma, Aunt Barbie, and my lil sis SUFFER!

Blessed Be!

Wenona Gardner

Wabun Anung

White Turtle Rainbow

Mohican, Oneida, Brothertown, Natragansett, Ojibwe

2304 S 66th St

Suite 5

West Allis, WI 53219


Let The Healing Begin.

My Medicine Woman Mom Wambli Wasu Winyan Hail Eagle Woman told me at 16 that the sacred White Turtle is my Spirit Guardian. May the White Turtle bless the Milwaukee Native American Women from Sexual Assault and Gerald L Ignace Health Center with her healing 🌈 Rainbow now.
Artist's Way

A Clash of World Views

I see a great disconnect between the tribal nations and the Wisconsin in terms of the worldivew of Mother Earth herself. I have participated in the Native American science fair for 8 years through the American Science Indian Science and Engineering Society and University of Wisconsin of Milwaukee. I won 8 gold medals at the state level. I was studying to be an Environmental Engineer. I had an internship at the Center for Great Lakes studies. I went with great interest because I was passionate about the study of water. I remember receiving a tour and an explanation of what they do. They said they study the lake by studying the fish. He then took a very large test tube and loaded it up with fish and then gleefully grinding the fish and while maniacally laughing. Total disregard for life, no sacredness for the spirit of the fish. It’s then I saw the truth that the Western world of science sees Mother Earth as inanimate and dead and that is why there is such total disregard for life. That was the day I stopped pursuing Western science. For I was raised in the native traditions that Mother Earth is alive and can feel. That is why the Wisconsin Legislators won’t understand the Native American point of view because the Wisconsin Legislators come from a world view where they think Mother Earth is dead and they can do whatever they want.

Artist's Way

Mining Hearing at the Madison Capitol on Wed. Jan. 23, 2013

Here’s a scary story…if native people don’t rise up and stop that mining bill if it passes it gives mining companies the right to mine anywhere in Wisconsin including ALL the reservations not just Ojibway reservations. I am enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohicans tribe and I was a witness and I signed up to testify at the state hearing in Madison Capitol Jan. 23, 2013

On Wednesday Jan 23, 2013 I went to testify at the one and only hearing on the mining bill at the capitol in Madison, WI. I was overjoyed to meet a Mohican-8 member for the first time.Β This was the first time I was ever inside the state capitol as well as part of a state hearing. It was a momentous occasion marked by the fact I learned what my Indian name in Munsee is Wapaan Alaangwee. Anushiik Roxanne and Jeremy Mohawk of the Language and Culture board. I am officially on record that I am against the mine bill. I printed out the Four Crow prophecy of the Pennsylvannia Lenape and I was going to testify the Four Crow prophecy of the Lenape, that we are the rightful caretakers of Mother Earth, and we need the treaties to be honored for the caretakers in Bad River because the treaties are the supreme law of the land. I have never testified in a hearing on this kind of matter before.

I witnessed the testimonies including the testimonies of the Ojibway people. What broke my heart was that delegation of Ojibwe tribal nations showed up and the group was told the group had only 2 minutes to testify for the whole group which I found shocking! Where was the nation to nation partnership laid out in the treaties? This bill violates international law! One legislator stated he sent one tribal nation a single letter. Another legislator stated he paid one visit to one tribe. However, an Ojibwe member testified that the Wisconsin state government treated the Ojibwe as second class citizens. I totally could see that at this hearing. There should have been a formal meeting with the tribal nations in a nation to nation conference or summit to properly discuss this mining bill which the Ojibwe I heard were against it stating tribal sovereignty and protection of the environment. I heard and saw a real disconnect between the tribal nations and Wisconsin government. I strongly believe that a talking circle is needed so that everybody is on equal playing field to promote real cooperation and partnership among the nations. I believe anything involving tribal lands should involve the direct input of the tribal nations every step of the way.

There were over 150 people signed up to speak and I was there for 8 hours since 10 am and most from Waukesha or Milwaukee were not called because they decided to have all those from up north speak first since they traveled for 6 hours to be at this one and only hearing. It was appalling and an oversight that they did not have a hearing for the people in the north and that the hearing they did have in Madison was so last minute many testified they barely had the chance to act because of such little notice. There were repeated testimonies calling for a meeting up north to properly address this issue.

Another thing that was disheartening was where were the rest of the Wisconsin tribal councils? Where was the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohicans tribal council at this hearing? It was stated at the hearing that this bill will affect the entire state so why didn’t Stockbrige-Munsee band of Mohicans tribal council stand in solidarity with the Ojibwe at the hearing? Where was my people? This isn’t just an Ojibwe problem. This is everybody’s problem. With this bill that they could mine in any part of the state of Wisconsin including our Mohican reservation. However, I clearly see this is only the beginning of the healing journey. When you think of the Idle No More movement I hope you don’t see this is just some problem for the Canadians, but we are going through our own tribal sovereignty issues here such as the mining bill. It hits home here. I hope Mohican-8 can be a part of the discussion on the topic as we help each other to learn and act. Cause as the Four Crow Prophecy says we are the Caretakers and together we can learn what that means.

Wenona Morning Star Gardner