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I saw Great Disrespect to our Native People

I saw great disrespect to our native people in terms of how the Wisconsin government treated the Ojibway representatives at the Wisconsin State hearing of mining at Madison, WI Jan 23, 2013. I sat in the hearing and watched a delegation of three representatives of an Ojibway nation after they drove 6 hours to get there and watched 7 hours waited to testify to be told that they were only allowed 2 minutes for the entire group. Not 2 minutes each person within the group but 40 sec per person in the 3 person delegation. THIS is what they call an equal partnership nation to nation meeting? My heart broke watching such a travesty! There needs to be a talking circle where all parties the Wisconsin legislators and the native tribes are all on equal footing to promote real cooperation, partnership, and nation to nation negotiations. The Native American people are the Caretakers of the land according to the Creator. We must honor the treaties which are international law and supreme law of the land.