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Walking in This World Check In March 26, 2012


Greetings fellow travelers,

I did 7/7 Morning pages writing three pages each day. I am so happy I reached so many pages this week and I am very excited about doing that.

My Artist’s Date I scheduled in my calendar the exact day and time I was going to do it. I decided to get a camera that could record video. I took cab to the local electronics store and on the way I almost made a u turn and was going to go buy something “practical” like clothes. I wrestled with myself and decided to let my inner child have her camera. I happily got to the electronics store and met the store clerk who helped me selecting my camera. The camera I purchased was on sale and later I learned was the exact same brand and model used by my favorite vlogger Charles Trippy on CTFxC. So, that made the purchase all the more special in addition to being significanly less than what I thought I was going to have to pay. After I left the electronics store, I was hungry and went to an Asian restaraunt where I had the most delicious pineapple and coconut smoothie I ever had and sweet and sour chicken. I wish my camera was fully charged so I could take a picture of the meal that was presented to me. Then I explored a professional camera store which had cameras hundreds of dollars outside of my price range. They had photography classes and expert staff. It made me wonder if I ever wanted to take photography seriously I could go there to dig in deeper. Right now I need to learn how to use my $99 Cannon camera. Finally, I decided to go to the dollar store where I could purchase whimsical items for my Artist’s Altar. I gravitated towards this heart with a rainbow which to me symbolized the love shared between me and my boyfriend who is also doing Walking In This World with me. I also proceeded to purchase artificial lilacs flowers in blue, purple, and white. I got some gel clings of spring flowers and butterflies for my bathroom mirror. As I exited I made an impulse purchase to get jellybelly beans, which had to my joy my favorite flavor buttered popcorn. I spent a total of an hour and forty minutes to do all of these wonderful experiences for my Artist’s Date.

I did my walk indoors in my apartment building which had several floors with my boyfriend. We quitely went up and down the halls while holding and hands which was very romantic. Julia Cameron is totally right. It’s awesome to walk with loved ones.

Synchronicity was the fact that my camera that I purchased was on saled $80 off. Pluse the memory card was also on sale. I walked out of the store with money still in my pocket.

Issues of recovery. In Assertiveness class I came to realize that I identify myself as Buffy, that is my inner child. That when I was little that’s all I remember my family calling me. It wasn’t until I started kindgeraten that I first learned that my legal name is really Wenona. I remember sitting in the office with a school administrator and my mother and the administrator asked me what my name was. I knew that answer, and proudly said “My name is Buffy!” The administrator twisted her face and looked all confused like I had said the wrong name and began looking at paperwok and then suddenly my mom began snickering in the corner. My mother than explained to the woman that everybody at home calls me Buffy. But my teachers in school never called me Buffy they only would call me Wenona and there began the split to my identity. Add to it that I grew up in foster homes it became harder and harder to assert to people that the name I identify with and resonate with me is Buffy. So, I want to assert in my life I am Buffy. That is who I see myself as. That is who my identity is. I believe the more I assert that I am Buffy the more that I can assert other aspects of my personality again including my creativity.

I am happy to say that I have been playing my Native American flute. Julia Cameron says in Wakling In This World that if you want to learn to play the piano you need to touch the keys. So, I touch the holes in my flute and blew into it. I played scales and practiced fingering. I used to play the Clarinet in school for about 10 years, and I used to be on a very rigid practice schedule everyday. At one point I used to play my clarinet 6 hours a day and I used to be in three bands, two orchestras, and a musical. I don’t know if I want to get that intense with my Native American flute, but I do know the value of regular practice. THe photo in this blog is a picture of me playing my Native American flute at Alverno College.

Warm regards,

Artist's Way

Artist’s Way Check in: March 15, 2012


Greetings fellow travelers,

I feel that I am slowly starting to gain my strength back. I managed to write three days out of seven Morning Pages. I am glad to be writing again. I sit down and move my hand across the page and it’s as if I am conversing with an old friend.

Artist’s Date I got a highest spin on Bejeweled Blitz at 250,000 coins and it was also Jewel Day so the rare gems were half off. I was able to afford nine Phoenix Prisms which normally are out of my price range. It was cool to see them in effect darting across the screen in rainbow colors. Also, while playing with the Phoenix Prism I won 100,000 coins and was able to play even longer. After all that I managed to get 324,400 as my high score which is one of my all time high scores. Meanwhile in Hidden Chronicles I managed to earn 119 trophies. Still want to raise my high score in fast finds, but I am happy I completed the Tea Pot Quest before the deadline.

Synchronicity I was just thinking about when I was going to receive my prizes from a YouTube giveaway I won recently when suddenly the person awarding the prize emailed me and asked for my home address. I am eagerly checking out my mailbox for this package. I am told it should be coming any day now.

Issue of recovery is moving forward into the unknown. Monday March 19, 2012 is the launching of both my face to face and my online group of “Walking In This World” by Julia Cameron. Our journey will go on until Monday June 18, 2012 which I plan a celebration. But as I have been told a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. So here’s to taking the first step.

Warm regards,

Artist's Way

My Love Book: ♥ My birthday gift to myself ♥

My Love Book

Sun July 11th or as I would like to say Lucky 7-11 is my birthday. It’s also the new moon and a solar eclipse on that very same day.  One spiritual mother told me that I needed to focus  on love on my birthday to set my intentions. Another said to sit with what brings you joy on the inside, and express this joy in your outer world.. sharing it with others.

My birthday wish is to celebrate love for the entire month of July. Everywhere I go people are wishing me Happy Valentine’s month or ♥Happy Love Month ♥ I wanted something I could engage people with cause I value relationships. So I decided to play DJ Buffy and I began  requesting song requests from people.  I would try to go out and find a video of their song and I would write a dedication to them. I love the interaction that I have been receiving from people as I contemplate and explore love in all of it’s beautiful dimensions.  Self love, romantic love, true love, love of the Creator, etc.

I am a part of a sacred circle of women. In this source of  women’s spirituality I find the security that I have always craved. Within this sacred space I find the acceptance I have always yearned for.  The divine feminine is honored and cherished. The energy that is at the heart of this special circle is most profound,  radiates, and surrounds all those that are there.  I had this desire for women’s spirituality for the longest time. I was on a quest to find where my female spirit could heal and play. I searched various places  within my community where I would feel welcomed as a woman. I talked to random women on the street, on the bus, or anywhere I would encounter them.  I sought out spiritual centers and churches seeking for the right group of women to immerse myself in. A place where my creativity could flourish. A place where I could laugh. Where I could pray. Where my spirit could dance.  After tonight, I think I found confirmation that I found that place… my Moon Circle.

Tonight, I explored my creative side by creating an artbook titled “My Love Book” during the Moon Circle tonight. When I received my name Wabun anung which means Morning Star in a native naming ceremony at 17 years old I instantly envisioned that my path was love. The gifts of life, hope, and light are all given in the act of love as part of the glory of the dawn. My essence is love…my path is to love.  I need to claim my birthright. And being part of this awesome connection with the female heart I am encouraged to focus on that power within me of love and around me.

So, I chose to center my focus on my book with love. This is the first time I ever created a multimedia book. I loved the choices of printed, glitter, marbled, and colored paper. There were a ton of stamps to choose from. Magazines to explore for images. A bowl full of vintage pictures.  Lots of various kinds of ribbons. My inner child jumped for joy. I love having the opportunity of creating. I played with my book as I assembled the images that I wanted to put together. It was absolutely exhilarating having that time to explore with other women.

The following are pages from”My Love Book.” Enjoy.

There is only one happiness in life to love and be loved.

True Love: The trinity between Creator, myself, and the man Creator has picked for me as my true love partner. ♥ July 8, 2010. No. 526715.

Love, Buffy

Each night the moon kisses secretly the lover who counts the stars. ~ Rumi

Happiness is only possible with true love.

Let your teacher be love itself.



Artist's Way

How I begin this Artist’s Way journey

Greetings fellow travelers,

I want to personally thank everybody who participated in the process for developing and selecting the theme for this Artist’s Way journey. That includes all those who offered suggestions, brainstormed, created artwork, reviewed, and voted for the selection. Great job The Artist’s Way Circle of Yahoo!, Facebook, and Wurlwind. The votes are all in and Congratulations to The Artist’s Way Circle on Facebook for creating and submitting the winning Artist’s Way journey theme:

Efflorescence: Blooming from the Ashes.

Special thanks goes out to The Artist’s Way Circle on Facebook Co-Moderator Kim Whelan Gonzalez for doing the pencil drawing and coloring the sketch for this year’s theme.

Suggestions to implement the theme

1. Add to signature on email
2. Talk to members in and outside of the circle about the topic of rebirth
3. Study the symbols of phoenix and rebirth
4. Look for art, articles, websites, books, movies, videos, songs, poetry prayers on the topic.
5. Create art, articles, websites, books, movies, videos, songs, poetry prayers on the topic.
6. Pray on the theme.
7. Meditate on the theme.
8. Color the pencil drawing of the logo.
9. Ask yourself what does rebirth mean to you?

So we shall carry the theme forward for the next 12 weeks.